Friday, April 04, 2008

Why did the peacocks cross the road?

There is so much to say today that I don't even know where to start!

I guess I should rewind to last Thursday and work my way forward. Last Thursday was the opening day of The Fair. Chris grew 4 inches since last year, so he was able to go on most of the kiddy rides this time. Since this was his first time, I rode with him on all but two of them. On those two I sat on the sidelines and watched in total fear that my boy would fall or jump off the ride. Yes, I know, a bit of an overreaction, but hey, it's his first time riding stuff at the fair...and by himself! He even rode the big kids caterpillar roller coaster!

After the rides, we had dinner and ended up with front row seats to the parade. Later we went to the petting zoo where he had a great time touching all the animals. He was really into it this year and wanted to hug and feed them all. Some were so cute that he got a little over-amorous with them (oh my god, you're so cute, I could just choke you!).

On Sunday, he started going to swimming lessons again. At first he whined a little since he hadn't been in the pool in a long time, but eventually he started having fun with it and even went underwater again.

Mr. Independent didn't want his morning bottle of milk the other day. He wants to drink out of big boy cups instead of sippy cups. He's been wearing underwear and hasn't had an toilet accident in two days, but going #2 is such a mission that I won't even get into it now.

I was sent on a flashback to my middle school days today as I just found out that the New Kids on the Block are reuniting. Woohoo! I can't say enough about how exciting this is to me. The "kids" look pretty hot now that they're hovering around 40. I hope their reunion tour doesn't start until AFTER August if you know what I mean. I want to have good seats and I need all the energy I can muster for all the jumping and screaming that is going to be had at said seats.

Oh and where else do you see three peacocks crossing the street on your way to work? Only in (South) Miami my friends.


Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff for one blog post! ;-)

2:12 PM  
Anonymous becoming-mom said...

I know I'm going to have to learn to not FREAK OUT about things like rides etc... I'm such a scardy cat about "danger" and my husband is such a daredevil.. if our son is anything like him I'll be having heart attacks daily!

Sounds like your boy is growing up so fast!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Meredith said...

I am so jealous of C's potty abilities! Oh and the peacocks too.

3:26 PM  

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