Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mash Game: Creepy

Now that I'm not so bogged down with a million things to do, I'm finally able to catch up on my blog reading. I found this tidbit over at WB's blog.

Remember that game where you would write down all the boys you liked, cities you wanted to live in, cars you wanted to have (etc) and then you would pick a number and count them all and cross them off one by one? Well, here's the online version.

Here are my results...and frankly...they're disturbing...and lest you think I missed the point and only filled out the actual truth, I did not. I filled in all the available spaces and well, see you for yourself.

Behold... My Future

I will marry Ren.

After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Miami in our fabulous House.

We will have 4 kid(s) together.

Our family will zoom around in a Purple CRV.

I will spend my days as a asst registrar, and live happily ever after.

whats your future

What's this about 4 kids?



Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Apparently I'm going to divorce Eric and marry Jonathan (Knight, of course!) and we'll live in a fabulous house in Miami. We will drive a green Kia Sorrento, and have two kids.
My question is, is it the current two kids I have, or will I have two (more) kids with him???

3:40 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

I guess my 4 kids can play with your 4 kids.

5:03 PM  

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