Friday, December 05, 2008

Don't cry over spilled milk

Whoever coined that phrase did not own a breast pump.

I usually catch up on my blog reading while I pump at work. So here I was pumping away at my desk, laughing at all the pant stories I was reading over at A Little Pregnant, whilst unknowingly simultaneously having a pant situation of my own. I looked down at my lap and noticed a huge wet circle on my lap about 5 inches in width. Aw crap, I spilled milk. I figured that I had leaned over a little too far and spilled it. I continued my pumping and story reading. A little while later, I look down again and the spot is now about 8 inches around on my beige pants. It turns out the bottle I was using to pump my milk into was cracked and had a very small slow leak. So here I was laughing at those stories and getting paid back for it. Karma's a bitch...and a swift bitch at that.

Guess who smells like a cheese factory now?

Guess who has to hide in her office until 5 today?




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