Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Love Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with lovely expensive presents...err, I mean filled with love, yes, love is what I meant. Mine was filled with kickball and pasta shells and delicious children (no, I did not eat any children, I meant delicious looking).

First, I participated in a fun filled game of kickball with some coworkers. I honestly cannot remember the last time I played that game. I would say it was probably in Elementary school or Jr High (I'm aging myself because notice I didn't call it "middle school"). I felt like a kid again out there on the field, hoping and praying that the ball would not get kicked in my general direction. Hoping that if it did get kicked in my direction, that it would not fly right through my hands. Hoping that I wouldn't fall or look like a fool (no such luck) when trying to kick the ball (operative word: trying). Hoping that I wouldn't sprain my ankle while running the bases. Hoping that I actually got to run the bases. You get the point. Based on this last paragraph, I think we can safely deduce that I was not the best athlete in school. Things have not changed. Despite all the sweating (from worrying, not so much from running), I had a great time and would love to participate in a kickball league in the future. It would have to be a child's league though, in order for my skills to be evenly matched with the other players.

After the game (which we won by the way), I headed home with the kiddos to relax a bit. That evening we went to Amanda's house for a potluck Valentine's celebration with some friends. It's much simpler that way because we did not have to worry about finding babysitters or braving the crowds on a Saturday night Valentine's Day. We had delicious pasta shells and good company. Amanda even tried to get me to watch the Princess Bride since I had recently admitted (via a Facebook meme) that I had never seen that movie. What a travesty! Unfortunately, we had to leave before the movie was over (it was past my bedtime), so I still have not seen the movie. Oh well, do I get points for having seen half of it?

Last but not least, here are the delicious children:

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