Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not-so-Extreme Makeover

My hair is extremely long these days and I've been meaning to cut it, but not having any time and not knowing what to do with it have me completely paralyzed. I would really like to donate my hair to Locks of Love or something like that, but you have to have at least 10" of hair to give for that. I think I have that amount, but then I would be left with very short hair. I've only had very short hair once (in high school) and it did not look good. Perhaps I chose the wrong style for my face shape, but it wasn't pretty. Fortunately, I don't think my face is as round as it was back then, so maybe now I might be able to pull a short look off. The only problem would be that R would hate it but hey, it's my hair right?...and it's not like it won't grow back.

In my quest to figure out what kind of haircut I want, I was looking online and ran into this nifty little tool at ivillage. It's called the Makeover-o-Matic and you can try on all sorts of celebrity hairstyles on (how about the Sarah Palin look?). All you do is upload a picture (you need to register with ivillage first) and the nifty little makeover wizard will walk you through the process. You can try out different hair colors and even add make-up, accessories and tooth whitening! Go ahead and check it out. You will either love me for it or hate me for it (for helping you waste countless hours of your time). I warn you though, you may become addicted to how fun it is and how good it makes you look (original picture).

Can I risk it and try for short or should I stick with medium length? The only problem with some of these styles is that I hate having hair on my face, so I guarantee you the bangs will almost always be tucked behind my ears.

Check out some of the looks I created and help me decide which one I should try.







This last one is just a shorter version of what may hair looks like now, you know, for those risk averse people out there.



Blogger elizasmom said...

I didn't vote because I have one of those yes, but answers. I like your hair as is, and I think a shorter version of your current do would be lovely. But if you're going to cut it off, you should get some bang for your buck, I think. I would try number 2 — but only if your hair would fall straight enough that it would do that and not 'splode into a mop. In which case I would go for 6 again. Is that completely unhelpful?

9:15 PM  
Anonymous wRitErsbLock said...

last time I chopped mine (hurricane season 2004), I chopped it short and donated it to locks of love. Hubby hated it, but I had told him for years that I'd be donating. It will always grow back even if you hate it.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

E- I think my hair would do the whole mop thing, but I guess we'll have to see. Thanks for the input!

W- True true. I could always get a hat or a wig to cover it up.

11:11 AM  

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