Thursday, June 04, 2009

The San Francisco Treat!

Hey buddies I have returned from California, um, I guess I forgot to mention that I went to California. Well, yes, I left on Thursday and came back on Tuesday. I went with JJ (his first plane ride!) and my brother because my sister Patti was having a big ole birthday bash.

Jordan behaved very well on the plane. He slept some and played some and all was good and merry and bright. On Friday my brother and I (and JJ) took the BART into San Francisco. We went to the huge mall on Powell and did a little shopping (wherein my brother was asked if I was his mom, damn, I'm old, but not THAT old; he's 23 for Christ sake!). We walked around for a bit and looked at the pretty buildings and then rode the little trolley down to China Town where I bought a new duffel bag for 12 bucks because the one I took ripped on both ends (heavy packer eh?). Then we found a little All you can eat Dim Sum place for $5.99. It was a little scary because some of the food was completely strange looking (what the heck is that gelatinous black stuff? I still don't know), but I'm all for trying new things (chocolate covered crickets anyone?), so I braved it out. I still don't know what some of those things were. If you know, and it's gross, please don't tell me.
After our mystery lunch we got back on the trolley and headed down to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 where we hung out with pirates, did a little window shopping and walked around. Once again I was not able to go to Alcatraz. I've been to SFO like 5 times and I've never been able to go because the tickets are always sold out. This time, I planned ahead and was going to buy them online, but I had the stroller with me and I read on the website that the tour involves climbing hilly terrain, so, once again, that wasn't happening. Besides, the weather was super cold out by the piers so I would've been freezing the whole time. The wind almost blew me away stroller and all. Brrrr.

On Saturday, I went to the salon and got a(nother) haircut, mani and pedi. I had to sit Jordan on my lap during all the pampering because the child will not go with anyone else. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of going to the salon?

That evening was my sister Patti's birthday party. Because I had el niƱo with me, I wasn't able to really let loose like I am wont to do, but that's alright, I had fun anyway (not as much as they did though). Unfortunately since I was on baby duty, that means I have no embarrassing photos to share this time. Well, no drunk ones anyway. The following day we went to brunch with a bunch of the party guests, friends and family and then we all headed back to my sister Patti's house again for some more relaxation and good times. These people really know how to party, what energy!

On Monday we went back to my other sister's Geraldine's house and I stayed home alone with the baby the whole day. I needed to rest from all that hustle and bustle. I was super tired and I hadn't really done anything! It's hard being the only one on baby duty and not having someone else to hand him off to for more than 2 minutes to take a break. I gotta hand it to those stay at home moms and those single moms. During the afternoon, my Godmother came over for a little while to visit me and meet the baby. She brought me a box of delicious chocolate (which is now all gone). That evening we had dinner at my sister's home and I cracked open the ole' stalkers journal and entertained my niece and nephew with sad/hilarious (I'm not sure which is the better adjective here really) Prom and Grad Nite tales (mine of course). Ah good times...

On Tuesday, I woke up nice and relaxed and lingered in bed. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 9. I wasn't packed, but I figured I had time since my flight was at 1:50pm. Hm, let's double check that, I have the paper right here...OH's at 12:50! Yeah, I kinda freaked out because no one was bathed or dressed or fed or packed and this meant we had to leave in one hour. FREAKOUT! Needless to say, my super packing skills (it's called throw everything in the luggage) and I made it out on time, but just barely (why must there always be drama?!). We went from the check-in counter to security to buying our lunch and right onto the plane (reminds me of the NY trip). The flight was not as nice as on the way back. JJ slept in his car seat for 2 hours, but then he refused to leave my lap for the rest of the flight. Oh well, at least I got to watch a movie and eat some lunch while he slept.

Overall the trip was fun, but I don't think I'll be doing that (traveling with baby) again by myself without my mom or my husband. Yeah, I'm a wuss, I know, whatever. Hey, I've got some free samples to give away in my next blog post so stay tuned.

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Blogger elizasmom said...

Clingy baby notwithstanding, I'm glad you had a nice trip. And r.e. the dim sum, I had a colleague once who was traveling to Asia for business for the first time. He knew his hosts would be serving all manner of thing he was unfamiliar with, and he was not an adventurous eater, so he told them up front that he would happily eat what they put in front of him so long as no one explained what it was. Worked like a charm, apparently.

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