Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daycare Drama

Yesterday was JJ's first day at daycare, well, partial day. He was there for an hour and a half. The thing is, I didn't even know that it was until I got home.

My mom has been on vacation since the beginning of this month, so I took a week of to stay with the baby and then R took a week off. My original plan was to start taking him to the lady that watches Christian a little bit each day so he could get used to it. I chickened out and never did it though. This week, R was watching him and he didn't chicken out. He just dropped him off, went to do some shopping at the supermarket and then picked him up. Wow, cold turkey, just like that. Here I was analyzing how I was going to do it....half an hour the first day, with me there, a little longer the second day, with me there, but out of sight, a little longer the third day with me not there at all. I did all this planning in my head and he just dropped him off just like that.

He's not even one yet. I think Christian was one and a half before he went to the daycare, but unfortunately my mom just can't watch JJ like she used to with Chris. Her energy and patience just aren't the same.

I'm just glad I didn't find out about it until afterwards. Jordan cried the whole time he was there. Today he went again for the same amount of time. Again, he cried the whole time he was there. Jordan is really attached to me (total mama's boy) and it pains me to know he was bawling for all that time. My mom comes back this weekend. She's going to be watching him in the morning and then taking him to the daycare in the afternoon. I hope the crying doesn't continue. Please tell me it's going to get better. It just has to right?

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