Wednesday, November 25, 2009

15 months

Jordan turned 15 months on Friday and as usual, I'm a bit behind on blogging about it. For starters, here's some video I took of Jordan practicing his walking at 14 months.

Actually, it seems like he's regressed a little because he really enjoys crawling still and hasn't walked that much since I took this video. Fortunately, I don't mind much and am not in a hurry.

At 15 months, JJ loves going up and down stairs. He loves to take whatever toy Christian is playing with (poor Chris, he usually just gives it to him so he doesn't have to hear him scream). JJ loves to eat. He especially wants to eat whatever is on someone else's plate (nevermind that he has the same thing). He even dances a little when he's eating. Speaking of dancing, JJ loves to dance and whenever he hears music he sways from side to side. It is the cutest thing I've never seen. I say never because Chris didn't (and still doesn't) like dancing, so it's my first experience with a dancing baby of my own.

He loves playing in his playroom and he loves throwing things and taking them apart. By that I mean he'll take his little bucket with shapes in it and he'll take them all out and throw them everywhere and then he'll get the rings and take them out and throw them everywhere and then he'll pull the garage and get the little people cars and throw them. I'm like child! play with these things, don't throw them! My OCD self (I have selective OCD...a blog post for another day), of course, then goes and picks everything up so that he won't trip on the toys when he's walking. I put the toys back on the shelf and the moment he sees them he goes and does it again. It's like OCD baby (the apple doesn't fall....). He can't see orderly toys just sitting there, he has to just grab them and throw them.

The sleeping situation is still bad. I give him a bath at night and then a bottle (which lately he's been refusing) and then we read some books. It's pretty funny because lately he wants to get off my lap to go to the bookshelf and pick out his own book. He sits there contemplating which one to bring me, picks one out, holds it out for me to grab and then comes back to settle in my lap. I read the book (and it better be fast because he has no patience for slow reading) and then when I close it, he turns it over for me to read to him again. I've tried to be slick and just go through the pages without reading, but he points to the letters and grunts as if to say "read it woman".

After the book (or books) I sing him some songs and then we say prayers and I rock him to sleep or I put him in the crib. If he's sleepy, he'll just stay there, but usually, I have to sit next to him in the rocker and put my hand through the crib slats because he refuses to go to sleep without holding my hand. Around 1 am he wakes up crying (he can't go back to sleep on his own) so I bring him to my bed (and sometimes give him a bottle). The whole rest of the night he is constantly waking up and whining whenever his pacifier falls out. It is so tiring and so annoying, I just don't know what to do about it anymore; nobody is getting any sleep. Then at 5am he's up again whining because he wants another bottle.

I still wonder is if it's the reflux (is it gone? still there?) that's causing him to want to drink milk all night long. I want to do the cryitout, but all the times I've tried, he throws up in the crib. I HATE having to bathe him again and change him again and change the sheets and clean the room after that, so I'm quite hesitant to try it again (and no, I will not leave him to sleep in his own filth).

I need the Super Nanny to come to my house and help me with this sleep situation with the boys (yes, Chris too, but he is a whole nother story...will post about it another day). Other than the sleep situation, he's a delightful baby that loves his mommy sooo much. He is super attached to me and doesn't like anyone else to hold him if I'm there. The koala love is fabulous, but sometimes it backfires a little. A couple of weeks ago, he got called for a photo shoot for some diaper (don' t remember what brand now) but he couldn't do it because it required that the baby leave the room without mommy to go take pictures (that was so not happening). It would have been ironic if he'd gotten the job though because he wears cloth diapers and there he'd be advertising for disposables. He's going to daycare now about 2 hours a day and actually stays without crying now, so we're making some progress on the excessive koala love.

Ok, I think I've written enough of an update for now (it's feast or famine around here), so until next post. Tah tah!

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