Friday, November 06, 2009

Hunka hunka burning love

I went to the movies with my mom tonight. On our way over there we listened to the new Pearl Jam CD. Once we were in the theater, they gave a preview of the 2012 movie (featuring Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles song), then they gave this preview for New Moon and finally, the movie started, This is It (great show, go see it, it's not sold out). I'd say my night was pretty much complete.

I got home and told the hubby about what a great night I had:

Me: "Pearl Jam in the car, then Adam Lambert's song, then New Moon preview and then Michael Jackson movie, what more could I ask for?"
Ren: (keeps watching the news)
Me: "can you turn the A/C down cause it's pretty hot in here".
Ren: "it must be you from getting all worked up about your evening line-up"
Me: "ha ha, that's true"
Ren: "how about you turn the flames down so I can hear the news"

What a comedian.


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