Friday, November 06, 2009


My little man is beginning to get brave. On 10/27 my mom and I were at her house talking about whether we thought JJ would be walking before Christmas (maybe) or Thanksgiving (prob not) since he seemed to not be interested in walking one bit.

Not 1 minute later, he was kneeling on the floor and he lifted himself up to a standing position (without holding on to anything!) and took three steps towards me. I was freaking it out because he'd never even let go while cruising before much less come to a full standing position and then walk away. My mom caught the tail end of it and saw him walking towards me.

The next day he took another 3 steps by himself.

Yesterday R said that he took 6 steps by himself.

I think I should make it a point to keep my camera handy because he keeps doing it and I haven't caught it on camera yet. Ah!

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