Tuesday, December 01, 2009

For the shopaholics....

In the spirit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday that just passed, I've got some goodies to share with those of you that enjoy spending quality retail therapy time in front of your computer. You can thank me (and your wallet can hate me) later.

First off is a website that I found through a blog I read. It's The Mini Social, an online sample sale website offering its members (free membership) exclusive access to designer brands for mom, baby and child at up to 60% off. Sign up today and you will be notified by email about their upcoming sales (which are actually good). Invite a friend and receive a $10 credit to your account when they make their first purchase. They have the cutest things going on sale all the time and the items are really unique. It's not the usual stuff you would find at your local baby and kid stores. If you sign up, please remember to put my email address (mountainflowr at hotmail dot com) as the person that referred you.

Here is another of my favorite sites. Ebates! I always go to this site before I shop online because this site gives you money back! Ha ha! It really works folks; I've gotten like 3 checks in the mail -from them already. All you do is sign up (it's free) and check to see if the store you want to shop at is one of their participating partners (and to see if they have any coupons). Use the pull-down menu to find the store you wanted to shop at and this site will take you right to your favorite store and give you a percentage of what you spend there. How much money you get back depends upon how much of a shopping...proble...addicti... obsession you have!

The third site that I love is Retailmenot.com because I am a bargain hunter by nature and I hate paying retail when I don't have to. Use this website to find any online coupons that you can use before you go and shop online at your favorite store. Usually, I go to this website first, get my coupons and then go to Ebates. That way I get cash back AND I get to use my coupons (who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?).

But who has time to be going online to look for sales you say? Well, that's where my final recommendation comes in. ShopItToMe.com is like your personal online shopper. You sign up (for free) and tell it what your favorite stores/brands are, what sizes you wear and they will email you when your favorites (in your size) are on sale. How you like them apples? Oh and if you get your friends to sign up to, you get a free gift card (it's true, I got one!).

This was not a paid blog post by the way, I really do like these sites enough to rave about them for free. Do you know of any cool shopping sites? Any hidden treasures that you'd like to share? Do tell.

Well, that's all folks. Go forth and shop!

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