Monday, January 11, 2010

It's raining lizards

It's freakin' freezing here. This morning it felt like the low 30's when I left my house. There was ice on R's windshield. This all may seem normal to those of you that live up North, but I'm in Miami trick!

On two separate occasions this weekend I had friends and family from California tell me that they had heard that our lizards were falling out of the trees. I laughed and wondered where they heard that until I read it in the newspaper this weekend and saw that it was true.

R took the dogs out the other day and told me that he saw a frozen iguana on the floor too. Not one to believe tall tales, I put my jacket on and headed out with camera in hand to see if this was true. At first I didn't see the so called "iguana" that he was talking about; the only thing I saw was what appeared to be a dead lizard. On my way back though, I stopped to talk to a neighbor when I spotted the iguana at the bottom of the tree, just sitting there, playing freeze tag.
My neighbor picked it up by the tail and put it back on the tree, but I could tell the lizard wasn't quite right. He told me that apparently, they get so cold that they go into this catatonic state and fall from the tree, but when they warm up, they come back to life. Poor things.

In other crazy weather news, I read that there was snow in Disney this past weekend and there were unconfirmed reports of flurries here in Miami. Insanity I tell you! I wish it would warm up a bit. My wardrobe isn't equipped for such weathers. I've been rotating the two long sleeve shirts and two sweaters I own and I'm running out of options here (ok, now I'll wear this shirt on top, and this one underneath). That's it, if this cold doesn't let up, I'm getting a snuggie.


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