Sunday, July 04, 2010

Christian's Quotes - 4th of July Special

Chris: "Yeah! I did a fireworks fart!"

ME (trying to hold my laughter in): "What's that?

Chris: "It's one that goes BOOM! PLOW!"

Chris has a Spiderman laptop that has games and talks to you. One of the games tells the child whether he or she is hot or cold (meaning close or not to the correct answer). My son has quite a temper and doesn't react well, when his toys don't work like he wants them to.

Laptop: You are cold.

Chris (to the laptop): NO! Don't tell me that I'm cold! I am HOT!

He then bangs on the keys and slams the laptop shut. I guess I just got a preview of what he'll look like in 20 years having a meltdown at the office.

Dora The Explorer on TV speaking to the kids watching the show: Baseball is fun! Do you like baseball?

Chris: Nobody here likes baseball OK, so stop asking those questions!


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