Monday, September 20, 2010

Melbourne or Bust!

I went to my very first Adam Lambert concert in Melbourne on Friday and what a whirlwind trip it was. I asked my friend Melanie to come along for the ride, we jumped in the car (Dukes of Hazzard style) and we were off. She, not being a HUGE Adam Lambert fan that I am, was promptly introduced to his music on the drive up. I was going to convert her for sure!

After a 3 hour drive, I met up with a bunch of fabulous ladies from the FLGlambs fan group in the hotel room and we all got dolled up for the concert. Once our eyes were painted, fake lashes glued-on and glitter tattoos applied we headed out to the GlamFest Party at the King Center where we met up with even more fun folks from the FL Glambs and from the FLamberts group too. There was food and raffles and Lambertinis (very strong or maybe my stomach was a mess cause I was so nervous/excited). I bought two tickets to the raffle and I ended up winning two items. A framed photo of Adam and a tshirt. Yay!

After that, it was time to go sit down. My friend Melanie and I went to take our seats (row E) and the audience was having so much fun! Everyone was standing and dancing and singing along to the music. There was even an Adam look alike that fooled many people that were sitting far away. He was in my row, so I managed to get a picture with him before he got "famous" for doing the Single Ladies dance. Ha ha. Dang it, why couldn't I come out looking this good in the real Adam picture...grrr. I digress. If you'll notice, at this point, I only have rhinestones under one eye..after a long battle between the eyelash glue and the sparkly strip, it won, and I just ripped the offending sparklies off. I figured if Adam can do a one-eye make up thingy, why can't I? Oh...I digress....

The actual concert felt a little rushed and a little tamer than I'm used to seeing on YouTube. Since it was my first show ever though, I loved it anyway! Too bad I spent so much time fiddling with my camera's settings. Most of the pictures came out crappy, but this one was pretty cool.

I promised myself, I wouldn't take pictures at the next show (Hard Rock) so that I could really enjoy it. A funny moment in the concert was when he reached down to touch the ladies in the front row and I was sooo jealous. My friend Melanie then said "Claudia, you're going to get to meet him on Sunday...and hug him...and he will say 'Claudia I love your hugs'...don't be jealous of the lady touching his fingertips" LOL! That really put things in perspective. The entire show was quite a visual feast. I loved Adam's outfits and he looked so stunning that I often caught myself drooling (jk-ish). I especially loved the intro to Sleepwalker with the cool picture in the background and the long coat. Unf, sexy man. I sang and screamed like a 13 year old girl. I danced till I could no more (I even brought a change of shoes!)....and just like that, it was over. My ride-mates were very tired, so we didn't hang out by the buses to see if we could sneak a peek.

I was so pooped by the day's events that we headed back to the hotel. Once there, I was super thirsty, so I left our room on an expedition to find a soda, but I got lost and found a hot tub instead! HooYa! I ran back upstairs and convinced Melanie to join us (Julie, a new friend I found in the elevator, that was also in search of a soda, was with me too). Aaaah relaxing, now if only Adam could join us too, that would anyway. I digress again....

After the midnight soak, I returned to my room and noticed this
on the bed. Quite appropriate. With a view like this and a day like the one I had. It was easy to comply with their wishes.

Stay tuned for Part II of my AdamFest weekend blog series....

The Hard Rock....coming soon.

Make of that, what you will.

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