Friday, February 18, 2011

Disney Part 1

We went to Disney a couple of weekends ago as part of an extremely belated birthday present for Chris. He really enjoyed himself and I'm happy that he is now tall enough to ride all the mountains! Since I've been to the Magic Kingdom about 101 times already, we decided to do things differently this time. We went wherever the wind (and rain) blew us and visited the rides totally out of order. My inner OCD self was freaking out but I managed to keep her subdued long enough to enjoy the day.

Our first stop was the Haunted Mansion. Chris loved it, poor JJ was curled up in my lap saying "scary scary". I told him to close his eyes, but he didn't. He was scared, but he still wanted to see. I guess he's like those people that watch scary movies and cover their face with their hands, but still peek through the cracks. Ha ha. I remember Chris being OK with this ride when he was little. After that, we went on the Jungle Boat ride which they both really loved. Next up was the Pirates and then we stopped for lunch. We spotted Woody and Jessie signing autographs close by, but the line was soooo long, that we didn't get a chance to take a picture with them.

After lunch, it all became a blur (see, that's what happens when you ride things out of order!). I know we rode Splash mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We went to Fantasyland and rode the carousel. Such a cute ride, but one that I used to skip before I had kids. We rode Snow White and Peter Pan and I loved how Jordan's face lit up on Small World. I sing that song to him at night, so he was like, hey, I know this tune!

Next up was Tomorrowland where Christian rode Space Mountain for the very first time. At first, I was afraid he'd freak out. You can't really sit next to anyone, so it's not like I could hug him or anything. The best I could do was reach over and grab his shoulders. After the ride, I glanced over at him with much trepidation and asked "Did you like it?" He said "YEAH!" and now I know I have a coaster buddy. Woohoo!

Since we missed out on Woody, they took pictures with Buzz and then we headed back to Fantasyland to go on Pooh and Dumbo. Ever since we experienced it quite by mistake one year, my friend C and I love to watch the fireworks from behind the castle because that way you don't have to deal with all the crowds and they're literally going off right above you. She told me once though that it's even cooler to watch them while you're riding Dumbo. This of course requires good timing. I looked at the wait time for the ride (15 minutes) and I looked at how much longer until the Fireworks began (15 minutes), perfect; I got in line and crossed my fingers.

Lady luck was on our side. It was so beautiful. The crisp night breeze in our faces and the fireworks finale going off over our heads as we flew in the air. It was quite a Disney commercial moment. I couldn't have timed it better and it was definitely the highlight of our day.

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Anonymous Writersblock said...

Glad u had a great trip

4:34 PM  
Anonymous gr8ful planet said...

awww...told ya, thats the BEST spot for the may not get the full castle visual in the background but you definitely avoid the larger crowds. I can't wait to go back...I don't think I could ever tire of Disney :)

12:22 AM  

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