Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's it, I'm wearing my leotard next time.

Last night, my friend A and I went to the Lady Gaga concert. Having never really gone to one of her concerts before, I wasn't quite sure what I'd find there, but I knew it would be interesting to say the least. Since I'm not super involved in the Little Monsters fanhood (like I am with the Glamberts), I wasn't familiar with sayings such as "paws up", or with the ways that her fans like to dress when attending these Monster Balls. I got an inkling that there would be sights to see when I read the dress code for the concert. It mentioned no masks or broken glass, but beer/soda can hair rollers were A-OK (as long as they were empty). Hm, interesting. I guess my cute little headband just didn't cut it, not there anyway.

After paying way too much for a beer, we took our seats and they started playing MJ songs to keep the crowd entertained. I had to fight every inch of my being to not stand up and dance when they played Thriller (but I did dance in my seat). A was trying to dare me to get up and dance to it. I had not consumed enough alcohol to take her up on said dare, so you will not find videos of the crazy Thriller lady on YouTube (sorry folks, maybe next time).

At one point, they were flashing a phone number on the jumbo screen. You could send text messages to that number and they would come up on the screen. A was thinking of something to text so she could embarrass me and she was holding her phone ready to type, when all of a sudden she glanced up at the screen and freaked out because it said "Claudia Mylastname put your paws up!". She and I started cracking up and freaking out. It was so funny because here A was trying to surprise me and somebody else had beat her to it (I figured it was my friend M who was also going to be there). It was pretty cool because we were quite lucky that I actually got to see it since we both weren't necessarily paying attention to the screen at all times.

The opening act was OK (don’t even remember the name). A and I kept wondering, is that a man or a woman? and making commentary on the wardrobe (A said, I've got a pajama like that). Then Lady Gaga took the stage. She's such a show-person. She's got great stage props/backdrops and she really knows how to work the audience. She seemed really nice up there. She interacted with fans that were close to the stage (giving them stuff, playing with their costumes, accepting/wearing their gifts). She even grabbed her phone and called a fan in the audience during the, that was neat. The dancing was great, the costumes were crazy and the pianos were pretty cool (one was shaped like a car, the other one was on fire). There was a huge monster on stage and at one point, and even her clothes were shooting off sparks (Gaga's, not the monsters; monsters don't wear clothes silly!); never a dull moment. She doesn't lip-synch and she really gives it her all (no half-assed performances there). It was lots of fun, too bad I was sitting so far away. Unfortunately the tickets were so expensive that I didn't really have a choice.

A and I found out the hard way that when you reach a certain age, you just need to buck up, start shelling out the money and get closer seats. For starters because you can't see. My little glasses weren't cutting it especially since she and I were sharing them in order to see, you know, details, like whether the opening act singer was a man or a woman. Then at some point Gaga starting singing a song with the line "show me your teeth". Poor A was wondering what body part she wanted us to show her. She kept asking me, what did she say? Fortunately A did not comply with the request of showing what she thought Gaga had said..... Feet or Teet, neither of which would have been appropriate.

There were lots of people dressed up in crazy outfits too (painted faces, soda cans in the hair, wigs, tulle, leotards, bows made out of hair, hair made out of bows, crazy looking heels that I would so never wear, beautiful eye makeup, jazzercise clothes); it was fun to look at. I think there were even two lost Glamberts in the crowd because they wore mainly sparkles and peacock feathers. A was appalled at how many women looked like I would've liked to have done that too (dress up crazy, not look like a hooker), but since I went straight from work, not really an option; perhaps next time. Yes, we both felt very old-ish and overdressed (as in wearing too much clothes, apparently pants were optional), but we sure had a great time!

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Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Sorry I missed it, but I'm glad (the other) A went with you!

We are getting old...

11:42 AM  
Blogger Marlee said...

Great blog! I would expect anything unexpected at a Lady Gaga concert! Glad you had a good time!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Cristina said...

I'll get you a pair of rasta banana pajama pants for Christmas. lol

12:19 AM  
Anonymous romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing

10:53 AM  
Anonymous romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing

10:54 AM  
Anonymous arkadaş said...

We are getting old...

2:34 PM  
Anonymous rulman said...

Sorry I missed it, but I'm glad (the other) A went with you!

6:36 AM  

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