Friday, August 31, 2012

First day of Pre-K

My little monkey started school last week on August 20th, 2012.  His first day of Pre-K was also his first day being 4 years old since the start of school coincided with his birthday this year.  I looked upon the day with trepidation, remembering how C's first day of school was two years ago (he was sad every day for almost a month).  How would J take it?  Would he freak out?  Start crying?  Not care?
Fortunately, he has the same Pre-K teacher that C did (Ms. F.), and he had met her a couple of times when we'd run into her (at school and at Target), so it's not like she was a total stranger, but still, it was a change.  He was going from a small, home day care to a class with 20 kids (AND he's probably the baby of the class).

During school orientation the Friday before, we met C's teacher (Ms. A) and then we took J to meet his teacher.  There were no other kids in the classroom so J got to have Ms. F all to himself.  He got to explore his classroom, see where his seat would be and play with all the fun toys.  I was hoping that this would make the first day better.

When the first day was upon us, we were all (well, except for C) so excited about the first day of school that we nearly forgot that it was J's birthday too!  The boys got dressed in their school uniforms and they looked adorbs.  J had a star sticker on his shirt that said "It's my Birthday!". 

R and I both went to drop them off.  First we dropped C off at his class.  He's a pro at this first day of school stuff now, so he wasn't the least bit nervous and if he was, he didn't show it.  His only worry would be that he would have no one to play with since two of his best friends were going to be at another school this year.  :(

As we got to J's class, the buzz and activitly level was notably higher.  Children crying, parents crying, camera's flashing.  We walked J in and told him that he would be staying there today.  We both gave him a hug that was a little bit clingier than usual.  His face looked a little worried, as if he could go either way.  I was hoping, oh please don't cry because if you do, then I will.  I took him to his seat and gave him some play-doh to play with (they had all the kids doing this to keep them distracted/entertained).  I gave him a hug and a kiss and said "have a a nice day sweetie, I'll pick you up later OK?" and he barely looked at me and he barely said good bye because he was too busy molding his play-doh creation.

Thank God.

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