Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tickle Me Christian

Christian has learned some new tricks in the past week. He laughs now, you know, like hee hee hee. He doesn't just smile anymore, now there is actual air coming out through his windpipe. He does it when I tickle him or when we play peek-a-boo or when I put on my clown outfit and dance around the room (doesn't everyone do that?). The first time he did it, I was so surprised and so happy that I was the one that was cracking up...I practically cried:

Me: Tickle tickle tickle
Christian: Hee hee hee
Me: Mom! Did you see that? He laughs now!
Mom: Yes, I know.
Me: Oh. He's done it before? Why didn't you tell me? When did he first laugh?
Mom: Um...just now.

I guess she felt bad that I was missing all his firsts. No matter how much I pressed, she wouldn't tell me when he laughed for the first time. I guess she wanted me to feel like I actually witnessed the first laugh. Either that or she really did forget, which is also very probable. I ask her all the time about stuff that I used to do when I was a baby/child and she doesn't remember:

Me: When did I smile for the first time?
Mom: I don't know.
Me: When did I walk for the first time?
Mom: Beats me.
Me: Do you even know my birthday?
Mom: Some time in 1975 right?

Great...and I was the first born. She doesn't remember my brother's things either, and he's only 20.

The other thing C does now is scream. We used to have conversations together and he would make a face and make a cute little noise. This week, he discovered that the cute little noise can be brought up an octave and increased in decibels. He still makes the cute little face while doing it (like if he's struggling to get just the right pitch). Whoever Whomever Anyone who heard him would swear that he's angry, but he screams like a banshee and then laughs about it. Yesterday he stayed home with his Dad and showed off his new little trick. Good thing I forewarned Ren, otherwise he would have felt like a terrible parent:

Me: How was the baby today?
Ren: He screamed the whole day; I don't know what I was doing wrong!

Maybe I shouldn't have told him, that way he would've been in awe of my superior parenting skills.

Ha ha. That would be mean.


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