Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Would you like fries with that?

I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day yesterday. The hubster was working late, so going out to dinner wasn't going to happen (ha ha silly rabbit, did you forget that you have a 4 month old? Work or not, romantic dinners aren't gonna happen). Besides, we never go out to dinner on Valentine's Day because R hates waiting for a table and I would imagine that yesterday, the eating establishments across town were packed. My glorious mother offered to watch C for us so that we could go out (take that silly rabbit), so we will be taking her up on her offer tonight. I don't know where we will be going yet, but hopefully it will not be anyplace where you can supersize your meals. If I remember correctly, one of my friends once told me that her boyfriend took her to McDonald's for Valentine's Day. How romantic. I wonder if Ronald McDonald goes around playing the violin for couples dining there on that day.

On a separate note, I bought a quesadilla for lunch today. The following verbal exchange ensued:

Lady at the counter: What do you want on your quesadilla?
Me: Chicken
Lady at the counter then plops some chicken in the tortilla and passes it on to the next worker even though I was not done requesting ingredients.
Me: I'd also like some beans.
Lady at the counter: bEAns?!?!
Me: Yes, beans.

Who is she to question what goes in my quesadilla? Is she the quesadilla queen? Do requests for ingredients have to be approved by her? WTF? I know this doesn't help me with resolution #13, but that's my problem not hers. Ok, rant over. Thanks for humoring me.


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