Thursday, April 13, 2006


Before I forget, tomorrow's photo Friday theme is shadows.

Ok. This little game was going around in My Space and I found it quite amusing, so I will share it with you. You're supposed to Google your name followed by the word "needs" and write down what the results are. It's good for a chuckle or two. Well, for me anyway since I am so easily amused.

Claudia needs...

ideas for senators t-shirts (perhaps I should go into politics)

work (to work, is more like it)

medication (aint that the truth)

to take vitamin B (ok Tom)

different evidence (you know cause the one I have isn't good enough)

the minutes from Ruby (come on Ruby, get with the program)

to understand the whole process of solving the Math problems (and I thought I had conquered math)

a lesson (that'll teach her)

more hugs (hug me! hug me!)

to know, to see (how philosophical)

to embody the same sophisticated flair that she can bestow upon a room (cause I'm just sassy like that).

Renato needs...

medical attention (poor baby)

to eat after the seizures (wow, Ren really does need medical attention)

un bel colpo di culo (that sounds dirty)

some help (perhaps some of the medication I'm taking?)

to come here too (cause he comes all over the place)

some help (yes, I heard you the first time)

to be sung with drive (Rrrreeeeeeeennnnnnnnaaaaaaaaattttttooooooooo)

Hee hee. That was fun! Ren's were funnier than mine. I did it for Christian too, but since his name is religious, it just kept saying the same thing over and over that he had to know and grow and pray and it doesn't make for good chuckles.

What do you need?


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