Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Weekend

Christian had a great time with his grandpa and his dad this past Father's Day weekend. He got his grandpa a picture frame with his picture in it and he got his daddy two shirts and a best buy gift certificate. Christian also found out that he's going to have yet another little playmate next year because his friend Brandon is going to be a big brudder! We've got lots of little boys in our group, let's see if we can get some girl power going here, my fingers are crossed.

Well, Meredith gave me some good advice about the nanny situation. Unfortunately, I had already hired the woman when I read it. Also unfortunately, I will get to put her advice into practice after all. The lady we hired last week quit on us. She claimed that she could no longer work as a nanny/housekeeper because she was allergic to dust. That's fine and dandy, but she knew that going into it, and we told her (in the ad and in the interview) that the job involved cleaning, so WTF? Anyway, thankfully we kept the list of 100+ people that called, so we don't need to place another ad. We will be calling up a couple of the ladies that we liked from the interviews and having them come to the house for a day as a trial run. That way, they can see what the job entails and we can see how they work. It won't guarantee that we won't get a quitter again, but at least it helps. Thanks Meredith!

Other than that, the weekend was great! Christian got a new stroller and a new jumperoo (check out the new floors!). We got a new stroller so that we don't have to keep taking the one stroller back and forth to my mom's house. It's a cute jogging stroller (nevermind that I don't jog) which rides really smoothly and looks really comfortable. The only thing I failed to notice is that it weighs a ton, but I need the exercise anyway, so that'll make up for the fact that I don't jog.


Anonymous Meredith said...

Glad I could help! Sorry the first nanny was a flake :-( Christian, as always, is super cute!

6:31 PM  
Blogger AmandaDufau said...

The floors are done! AWESOME!!
Yes, we need girl vibes for this little pudge of mine...
At least we know she (here's hoping!!), Sophie and Beka will have plenty of bodyguards!

6:39 PM  

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