Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jackbutt Starlight Crotch

The hubster and I finally got to go on a date this weekend. We went to the movies to see Jackbutt 2. Very funny, if you like that sort of thing. Fortunately, I do, so I had a good ol' time cracking up for an hour or two. I especially loved the pube beard, the bees in the limo, and the old man and old woman skits. I noticed that I laughed the most at the skits that involved falling or poopoo humor, but I guess that includes most of the movie. R isn't into rectal humor, so it was fun to look over at him and watch him wince when those skits were playing. Ha ha, and he's the one that chose the movie!

On Sunday, we went to The Miami Museum of Science to see the Titanic exhibition. I am enamored and fascinated with that ship/disaster for some reason. I don't know why, but it is very intriguing to me. Perhaps I was a passenger on that ship in my past life? Who knows. Anyway, the last day of the exhibition was on Sunday, so of course, which day do I pick to go? Bingo. On Sunday. Fortunately, we got there somewhat early (noonish) and the line wasn't too bad. Only about 10 peeps in front of us. They had several artifacts from the ship displayed and they had recreated some of the hallways and rooms for you to see. They also had a large chunck of ice an "iceberg" that you could touch so you could see how freakin freezing the water was that night. C-man was with us and he was a bit hyper and didn't want to be in his stroller so R and I took turns carrying him around. He wanted to be walking on the floor though and we couldn't let him because there were way too many people and he would've gotten stepped on. He was such a good little boy, but towards the end, he had a bit of a melt down. Fortunately, we only had two rooms to go. There was also a presentation in the theatre that explained the events and showed a sinking model ship demonstration. Cman had fallen asleep by then, so we got to see the whole thing. Very informative! They had a planetarium show as well, but we didn't go to that because C-man woke up at the end of the theatre show and I didn't want to find out what happens when you put a toddler in a planetarium. I'll leave that up to mythbusters to find out.

After seeing all the Titanic stuff, we headed over to the Wildlife Center to look at the animals. They had lots of tortoises tortosis torti turtles and they even had a butterfly garden (with one butterfly in it). It was very nice. I had been to that museum on countless field trips as a child and never knew that they had animals there. After we saw the animals we headed to the regular portion of the museum and saw this huge bear. After closely inspecting the pictures we had taken of him, Ren and I affectionately named him Mr. Starlight Crotch. Quite appropriate eh?

It looks like I'm working my way backwards here, so let me continue. On Saturday, we went to Sophia's First Birthday party. She had a little pool party and looked mahvelous with the foamy hat I made for her to wear. Chris was pondering whether he should go in the pool or not, but decided against it for the moment. The birthday girl looked adorable and had fun getting messy with her 3 cakes! Christian got to have his first piñata experience too! Except that he was more interested in the empty box than the actual loot on the floor. That's ok though because mommy dove in there and punched, kicked and elbowed some kids to get some candy for you too Christian. I came out of the piñata-circle-of-death with a black eye, a half wrapped kit-kat, someone's eyeglasses, a piece of gum and some dirt under my fingernails, but I was victorious because I managed to get that one piece of gum! If you're missing your eyeglasses and want them back, you'll have to trade me some candy for them.

Little Dylan made an appearance at the party and is doing quite well at 10 pounds! Chris discovered and was fascinated with Sophie's little push car. He loved pushing it around, playing with all the buttons and opening and closing the seat. Yes, I will be going to Toysrus shortly to purchase said vehicle. Anything that keeps his attention for more than 5 seconds is definitely worth looking into.

He's starting to be a little more brave and he lets go of the furniture sometimes. At the party I looked away for a second to take a pic of Sophie and when I turned back, I saw this coming towards me. Ready or not mom, here I come!


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Omg, he's so freaking cute! I can't believe he's walking, yay cman :)

The museum sounds cool, glad he let you go through it :)

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