Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, remind me never to do THAT again.

Yesterday, Ren, Chris and I headed out to Sawgrass Mills Mall to check out the baby photo contest that was going on. It seemed like a fun idea to enter Chris in the contest since the proceeds were going to a charity that would help one of our local hospitals (and not lining someone's pockets).

Well, let's just say that there are ALOT of people in South Florida that consider their child to be Miami's Most Photogenic Baby! Hee hee...of course I should have known that going in to it. Since I had never been to or participated in any contest of the sort, I really had no idea how crazy it was going to be (or how LONG it was going to take).

We got to the mall at 11:30 am, had lunch, fed Christian, and changed his diaper (all WISE choices). He had slept in the car on his way over, so he was in a great mood. We walked around a bit and did a little bit of shopping since we didn't know exactly where the contest was being held and Sawgrass is a BIG mall. At around 12:30 we realized that we had found the location based on the swarms of dolled up children, impatient parents, crying babies, flashing cameras, and parked strollers. The registration had just started at noon, so we got there right at the beginning of all the hoopla.

Even though they had just begun, the line was already long since some people had been there since 10 am. You had to stand in one line to get registered (only one person registering) and I think this is what took the longest of the whole process. Ren and I took turns making the line and entertaining Christian. Once you were registered, you were given a number. You had to wait around until your number was called to take the pictures. I felt like I was waiting for my pastrami sandwich at the deli. They had one photographer (poor guy didn't go to the bathroom or have lunch) , one lady helping to call out the numbers and hundreds of parents and babies.

Something that made an impression on Ren and myself is how well trained some of the kids were. You could tell that this wasn't their first (or last) photo contest. They would strike their poses standing up, sitting down, kneeling and then they would lay down for some floor shots while their coaches, agents, drill sergeants mothers gave instructions from the sidelines. Some parents even came equipped with multiple props and outfits to enhance their baby's pictures. Others made sure to enter their babies in all four categories (at $35 a pop). With only the shirt on his back and no props, Chris was definitely a novice in the baby photo contest rodeo.

As the numbers being called inched closer to ours, Chris started to get sleepy. After all, we had been there about 2+ hours and it was getting close to his nap time. I tried my best to keep him up and keep him entertained, but I feared that once we reached the camera he would become a crying, screaming, bumbling mess (I had seen it happen already). I was hoping against all odds that he wouldn't cry, run away from the camera, have a serious face, scream, bite or hit me (or the photographer for that matter).

Fortunately for all involved, he "performed" wonderfully! He sat down and did all the tricks that my family taught him in El Salvador (tortillitas, la jarana, los ojitos, como lo tiene el amor, besito) and smiled for the camera. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures because Ren (who was on photo duty) was too busy trying to get Chris to smile as well, so no pictures for my scrapbook.

It was an interesting experience to say the least and it was fun and exciting, but I don't know that I'll do it again. I don't really have the time or energy for props and outfit changes and things of the sort, but it's definitely something to write about in his baby book.

Now we wait until Feb 23 & 24th which is when they will post the pictures up in the mall for voting. There are two ways to win: Judge's choice and Voter's choice. For the Judge's choice, well, we'll just have to get lucky (because let's face it, there was alot of stiff competition), but for the Voter's choice we may actually stand a chance (hee hee). So, this is the part where I beg, plead, grovel, supplicate, beseech ask you to please go to Sawgrass Mall on the above dates and vote for Chris (this is what he was wearing). If we get 200 votes we get a copy of the CD with all the pictures of him on it (there's hope for the scrapbook after all). Don't worry, I will remind you (repeatedly) as the day gets near. If you will be out of town, don't live in the area or have an unhealthy fear of large malls, go here to submit your vote through me.

Thanks for all your help guys!

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Blogger Lillianna & Adrián Simó said...

I will try to make it to the mall or else I will go to the website you are specifying.... Chris has to be the winner. I think we can accomplish that.

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