Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fair fun

On Sunday, R, Chris and I went to THE FAIR (be there!). We went as soon as they opened to avoid the crowds and avoid the crowds we did. Have you ever seen that midway so empty? It was great!

First we headed over to kiddie land where Cman got to ride the carousel. He stayed on the horse (as opposed to my arms) for most of the ride (better than his last carousel ride), but got a little spooked at the end when the kids on the roller coaster next door started screaming. After that ride, I scoped out the place to see what else we could go on, but unfortunately, Chris was too little to ride anything else (must be at least 36"). I hope he'll grow 4 inches within the next year (is that even possible?), otherwise next year promises to be a no-go as well.

Since we couldn't go on anymore rides, we decided to walk around and stuff our faces instead. Between the three of us (OK, fine, mostly me) we managed to eat: a cheeseburger, 2 slices of pizza, cotton candy, 2 sodas, 1 lemonade, and 1 elephant ear. As we strolled through the fair the little man fell asleep, so R and I were able to check out the exhibits and stuff for sale. We didn't buy anything, but at one point or another I was tempted to buy one or more of the following: a mattress, a caricature, a Peruvian hat, a Pearl Jam iron-on patch, a fountain, a koi fish pond, a dancing puppet, and one of those super soft fur throws. Yes, now you know why Ren won't leave me unsupervised with a credit card for more than a minute.

After the exhibits we headed over to the petting zoo. I was about to go in by myself, but fortunately Chris woke up just as I was entering, so I scooped him out of his stroller and took him with me. Talk about a rude awakening...
good morning mom... what is this thing in my face?
He was a bit freaked out by the close proximity of the animals, but was curious nonetheless. We bought little carrots to feed the animals, but Chris wanted nothing to do with that. It's a wonder I didn't get my fingers bitten off....notice the sign...and notice my hand. Yeah. I'm a fool. Fortunately for me, the animals were very gentle as they had had their fill of fingers for the day. Chris was quite wide-eyed as he got to see lots of neat animals that he had never seen before: a camel, a zeedonk (zebra+donkey), a kangaroo, and goats. I was having a great old time petting this little fella. I noticed that he felt alot like the throws that were on sale in the exhibition area...and then I felt a little sad because I realized that throw I wanted to buy was probably this little guy's cousin.

After the petting zoo, we headed over to the circus tent. Chris had never been to the circus before. He's not really a fan of loud, big crowds, and the dark tent didn't help much either. We were late to the show, so our seats were all the way at the top. He watched a bit of the show, but quickly got bored of it and sat back down on my lap. Whenever the crowd cheered or clapped he would tense up. Whenever some one around us would clap or cheer, he would turn around and give them the evil eye as if to say "shut up" and at one point he shrieked really loudly for no reason. R and I made the wise decision to leave.

We headed over to the agriculture tent instead. Cman got to see even more animals there. They had sheep, pigs, turkeys, geese, goats, roosters, guinea pigs and FUZZY PEEPS! I especially liked watching him trying to pet the evil red-eyed bunny. Oh and we also had fun taking some corny pictures (ha ha).

After the animal overload, we were quite exhausted and decided to call it a day. Despite not being able to ride anything, we had a great family day at the fair. I bought 22 coupons and only used about 5, so if anyone wants to go again, count me in.

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Oh, I LOVE a good fair! And I think there's something about them that just makes you contemplate buying the most random stuff. Do I NEED a giant chainsaw-carved sculpture of a family of bears? Erm, probably not. But when you're all hopped up on deep-fried oreos and cotton candy, that sort of thing starts to seem like a really good idea. Love the pic of Chris examining the fuzzy peeps, too.

8:27 PM  

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