Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthdays, Bunnies and Baskets

I am happy to report that this year's Easter celebration was definitely better than last years. There wasn't a runny nose in the house, well, except for mine when I found out that I wasn't going to get an Easter basket this year, but I'm getting ahead of myself though.

On Saturday, we went to Ryan's 6th birthday party. There was much ball kicking, chasing, grabbing and hogging going on between the toddler trio. There was a bounce house too, but Cman still hates them, so I went inside with him. He sat on my lap the whole time and didn't budge. The kamikaze piƱata beating was tons of fun for the big kids, but Chris was a bit overwhelmed by all the commotion, so he decided to sit back and watch from a distance instead (he's a bit antisocial...he must get that from his father). The cake was very yummy, so much so that it prompted him to say a new word "Cay" (cake). He also said "baba" (bye bye) although no witnesses have come forward to confirm this.

On Sunday morning, Chris enjoyed opening up the Easter basket that mom and dad gave him. He didn't like the faux grass too much since it was sticking to his fingers, but other than that, he loved the loot. The first thing he grabbed for was the Buenas Noches Luna book, quickly followed by the Fuzzy Animals book and the Pat the Cat book (do you think he likes books?). He also got 3 little cars, a Spongebob toy, and a fuzzy peep that peeps when you put it in your hand.

This talking peep freaked him out a bit, so he tossed the peep across the room when it started making noises. Look Christian! A fuzzy peep! Look, put it in your hand and it will make little noises peep peep No, don't thro......peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! Thud.

He got a cute little bunny rabbit dressed as a pirate which I named Roger (you know, like Jolly Roger), but R rolled his eyes at me when I picked the name. I didn't get why he was doing that until a couple of hours later when I exclaimed "Oh my God, Roger Rabbit!".

The basket loot also included some playdoh so Chris can eat it experiment with it later. I haven't opened it yet, in fear of what he may do with it though. Thank God we don't have carpet, but he may try to feed it to the dog.

After the flying peep show (that sounds dirty and acrobatic), we got ready to go to the Egg Hunt at Brandon's house. I actually made a cake (believe it or not) and it looked very lovely if I do say so myself. I don't know that the taste was on par with the appearance, but hey, I tried. That is my first cake ever (and hopefully your last too Claudia)!

Christian had fun at the egg hunt, but I think I had more fun since I was the only adult picking eggs up. I tried getting Cman to do it, but it just wasn't happening. He would find an egg, pick it up and then throw it on the ground causing all of the contents of said egg to go flying everywhere. The times he didn't throw the eggs, I would try to convince him to put them in the basket, but he just wanted to hold them in his hands or sit and spin them on the ground (he has an obsession with spinning things...a tale for another post). Every time he put an egg down, he would lose it to another more astute child who would come by and swipe it from him. I managed to get 10 eggs for his basket, but he managed to lose half in the process. After the egg hunt we tried to get all the kids to sit together for a picture, but that was alot like herding butterflies. When one would sit, the other would leave. If they were all there, then one was crying (guess who?). Yeah, this is as good as it got with all of them being in the picture.

Afterwards, all the kids went inside to check out their loot from the hunt and although Sophie only got 2 eggs (alot like Christian except that her mom wasn't wrestling the other children for more precious eggs...must have more eggs), she ended up winning the prize egg! She looked so adorable with her little sunglasses and pig tails. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Christian wearing his bunny ears this year, but he did look great in his Carlton Banks outfit.

Cman had a great time playing with all his little friends and checking out his Easter goodies. Yes, this definitely beats having an ear infection, although I do think he's coming down with a cold (alright, who brought the sick kid to the egg hunt?)

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