Monday, April 02, 2007

Dad's Birthday Weekend (new and improved with pictures!)

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday so we had a BBQ at my parents house. Yes, I have the parental birthdays really stacked together here. As if that weren't enough, my mother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow!

Chris was a little shy with all the extra attention at first, but eventually got used to all the ladies pinching his cheeks.

In other news...

Boohoo the fair ended yesterday and I didn't get to go another time like I wanted to. Then again, I was kind of tired.

On Saturday, I took Chris to play with Sophia. She's so cute and she's gotten so big! I especially loved the little pink Crocs she was wearing (Chris has a pair of those too, but he can't seem to get the hang of walking in them. When I put them on him, he stands still like he doesn't know what to do and then he sits down and takes them off). They had a good time taking toys away from each other and drinking from each other's sippy cups.

That same day in the evening, I went to the late late late movie with Cristy and Ayleen and we also drank from each other's sippy cups. Ok, no we didn't, but we did share sodas and popcorn. We went to the midnight showing of "I think I love my wife" because that was the only time I could go that day (R was working late). You know you're getting old when you call your friend to see if she's ready for you to pick her up and she's taking a nap so that she won't fall asleep at the late movie. You call your other friend and she's got her alarm clock set to wake her up so that she won't fall asleep before the late movie. Yes folks, I have geriatric friends.

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Blogger AmandaDufau said...

I was up late...I would have gone. =(

11:34 AM  
Blogger Claudia said...

My bad. I didn't think the lady with the newborn would want to go to a midnight movie.

I forget that you're supermom!

12:53 PM  
Blogger AmandaDufau said...

I am!! =)
Didn't I go to GNO last month? Hubby can watch the boys while I go to a movie...Wait: Can, no. he'd better!!!

10:02 PM  

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