Thursday, June 14, 2007

Balls, slides and automobiles

Sophia (and her parents) came over on Saturday for a quick playdate. Chris and Sophie had a blast (more Sophie than Christian) playing in the ball pit. Whereas Cman was content to just sit in the little pit, Sophie had a more energetic reaction and dove into it several times. Cristy and I thought she was hitting herself pretty hard sometimes, but Sophie didn't seem to care. Pain be damned, I'm jumping in. Geronimooooooooooooo!
Every time she jumped in the balls would go flying all over the room (notice the pool, before and after).

Once the ball pit was empty, they rode around in cars for a little while and then we headed over to the playground across the street for some outdoor fun. Sophie loved for her mom to push her high on the swing, but Mr. Cman who is a bit more of a scaredy cat delicate, didn't like it too much. He preferred going on the monkey bars and loved the slide races. Ready. Set. Go!

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