Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mama's girl

Woohoo! Why am I so happy you ask? Well, for one, I'm eating cheeseballs...and two, my mommy came back from vacation yesterday! In fact, I was so distressed that she had left that I hadn't even mentioned it here (that isn't sarcasm, it's the truth). Yes, my mom was on vacation for like 19 days and that meant that we had to make alternative arrangements for Mr. Cman's care.

R and I went back and forth about what we would do. I wanted him to go to daycare for some much needed socialization, he didn't want to throw his baby to the lions, so he took the first week off from work. R stayed with Chris for most of the day, but he also took him to the daycare across from my mom's house for a couple of hours a day as well (so he can get used to it....Ren, not Christian). My mom was doing this too before she left, so it wasn't anything new to Christian. For the second week, R managed to take the days off as well since he had some unused vacation from last year (how is THAT possible you ask? the MAN does not like to take vacation...yes, weird...I know).

So the second week he took Cman to the day care for larger chunks of time: from like 9 am to 3pm. Chris cries when R drops him off (they probably both do), but he does that at my mom's house too, so it's all about the Daddy attachment and not so much about where he's being left. Other than that, it hasn't been too much of a tragedy. I can already see the benefits of him being there because he plays by himself more these days and doesn't really need me next to him at all times. The lady tells me that he feeds himself (I wonder how much he actually eats vs what ends up on his clothes) and he watches Sesame Street ("Emmmo") and he takes two hour naps and he gets lots of love from the other kids and he has a great time.

Now that my mom is back, he is going to continue going to the daycare, but my mom will be picking him up at around 3pm so he doesn't spend THAT much time there. I think it's going well so far. Yay!

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