Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pint-sized Pirate

As promised two weeks ago, here are the pictures of my little pirate. Cman only wore the costume long enough for me to take one picture of him because it is way too hot these days to be wearing a costume outside.

Anthony's birthday party was quite fun. The kids got little pirate loot bags with a scarf and eye patch and other fun pirate stuff. The cake was adorable too. There was also a bounce house and guess who actually got in? That's right...Chris did! I went in with him and at first he had his usual koala grip on me, but shortly thereafter he let go and started hanging on to the walls and trying to walk and trying to bounce all over the place. Woohoo! Then when he got out of the bounce-house, he started climbing all over the place on all sorts of things. I'm glad that he's finally starting to gain some independence and mobility. I think the swimming and the MyGym (yes, he goes to that too, that's a post for another day) have really helped.

That same weekend we also went to the birthday party of a family friend and Sofia was there. Chris must really like her because he tried to feed her and didn't get jealous when my mom was carrying her. This past weekend he saw Sofia again at a baby shower. This time he was more preoccupied with feeding himself...oh, and looking under her dress. They sure start young don't they?

He ate his first McDonald's cheeseburger the other day. Mind you, the boy hates chewing things, so we have to feed him the pureed stuff. He sure chewed that puppy up real fast and ate the WHOLE thing (he left about 2 bites of it). It's funny because he also squeezed the heck out of it too. Before I get the evil eye for feeding him fast food, my mom has also discovered that he loves broccoli, cucumber and tomato, so I guess that balances out the junk food right?

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Blogger Miguel Angel Servell√≥n said...

Gracias Claudia por tu visita y comentario.
Me gusta como escribes en tu blog.
Me cuesta un poco entender el ingles pero hago el intento.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous elizasmom said...

Hey, ya gotta start somewhere, and if it's cheeseburger, who cares. I'm glad he is making progress with the eating!

11:35 AM  

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