Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bag Lady

A little while ago Tere asked "What's in your purse?".

Well, I'm just getting to it now, so here it goes.

Here is the purse...

...and here are the contents:

You're lucky I was carrying my smaller purse, otherwise I might have needed to take several pictures in order to capture all the junk I carry in there.

OK let's dig into this puppy and see what's there:

Eyeglasses case: I like to use them for night driving and watching movies. The actual glasses may or may not be in that case. I'm special like that.

Extra large rubber band: I've been meaning to put that on Christian's toy box in the car. I don't want the lid flying all over the place.

Napkin: I carry this napkin as a color sample in case I see stuff for CMan's birthday party. I want to make sure whatever I buy coordinates with the rest of the tableware that I've chosen.

My keys from work: No, I don't work at's just a key chain.

Scrunchy: I have my hair up 90% of the time.

Checkbook: must pay the bills!

Phone: very important. This is the cheapest, plainest phone available. This phone does not take pictures or do tricks of any kind (well, it plays dead sometimes).

Various receipts: Halloween season is approaching, so as you can see, I've done alot of shopping at Michael's recently.

Sunglasses and case: notice the sunglasses are not in their case (black case). They are both independently floating around in my purse.

Crystal light drink mix: I've been meaning to drink this, but I keep's going to grow legs soon and walk out of my bag.

Airborne on the go powder mix: In case I'm feeling icky.

Car registration papers: that reminds me, I need to renew my registration.

Hair clip: see "Scrunchy" above

Crybaby candy: I love sour candy. One time I ate so many of these that my tongue bled. Masochist. I think the sourness quality of these has declined though (perhaps to keep fools like me from bleeding).

Pen: you never know when you'll need one (this is never in my purse when I need it though).

Wallet: stuffed with more receipts. I have a bit of a hoarding problem.

Computer disks: I was transferring some of Cmans pictures to my computer at home.

iPod and ear bud speaker thingy: the ear buds are floating around because I disconnect them to connect the iPod in my car. I love this toy. I use it when I go to the gym, but I still haven't made any playlists for the gym, so sometimes I end up listening to the Sound of Music when I'm on the elliptical machine. Yesterday I worked out to Thriller...figures huh.

Michael's flyer and coupon: like I said...I've been spending lots of time there. I think the cashiers know me by name now.

That's all I have for you folks, I'm glad I didn't get caught doing this meme on a day when compromising things were in my purse..ha ha.

So what's in your purse? leave a comment if you do this meme.

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Hey, we have the same phone. Well, not exactly, but I mean in terms of how it doesn't do ANYTHING except the occasional game of possum.

I think I will do this meme tomorrow.

9:13 PM  

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