Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I started taking CMan to little-kid-gym shortly after he started the swimming lessons. I wanted him to get a little more socialization (since he wasn't in daycare yet) with other kids and I wanted him to gain a little more agility and balance since he was a bit klutzy.

Well, at least two of the objectives were met. The sessions that we paid for will be over in two weeks and he's definitely gained some agility and balance. At first he could barely bounce on the trampoline or climb on things, but within 3 weeks he was bouncing around everywhere and trying to climb on things he wouldn't have before.

At first, the whole circle time concept was completely foreign to him, so it was a bit hard to get him to sit down in the beginning, but it got a little easier each week. I can't really blame him though, how can they expect kids to sit down when they have all these cool toys and playthings all around them? For example, Chris loves playing with the toy box full of balls. I wish they would hide it though because that's all he ever wants to do, and he can play with balls at home (and that's free).

As far as the socialization goes, I'm not sure if he's picked this up at the daycare, but he's become quite a bully. He pushes kids for no reason, as he walks past them (outta here, you're in my way) or if he's playing on something and another child comes to play with him, he whacks them or pinches them or pushes them away (except for Sophie, he seems to like her). He's generally really quick about it too, so oftentimes he's already done something before I can stop him. I usually tell him "Christian NO!" in a stern voice, but I don't think that's helping. He's become the little-kid-gym bully! Something needs to be done; I'm scared the other moms are going to jump me in the parking lot after class and kick my ass.

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