Monday, September 10, 2007

Just like that

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with one of my neighbors. She has two boys, one is about four and the other is two and a half. She mentioned to me that the youngest one "finally" got potty trained. "Finally?" I asked. "I was under the impression that boys tended to potty train later. I thought you weren't supposed to even start potty training until they were two and a half. She said "the older one was trained by the age of two". Oh. Wow.

So that of course put a bug in my brain that perhaps I was missing out on precious potty training time. A couple of days later I was perusing the selection of potty chairs online. You'd be amazed how many different styles there are. There's the one that plays a tune when you sit on it, one that talks to you, one that sings to you when you do your business, one with stickers, one that turns into a stool (the stepping on kind...although that would be a weird trick), one that tickles your butt (just kidding), one that looks like a giraffe, and one that gives new meaning to "sitting on the throne". With so many options I just did what any sensible person would do...I chose the one that did the most stuff. Actually, I chose this number from my local store (what can I's got STICKERS!).

My plan of action was to just put it in the bathroom so that he could get used to its presence. No pressure to sit on it or go in it. It's just going to be there, so that when he's ready it won't be some weird foreign item to him. Look Christian...the big potty for mom and dad and the little potty is for you.

Right before bath time, I took his clothes off and showed him the potty. As soon as he saw it, he wanted to sit on it. He had fun sitting down and standing up. It was next to the toilet paper roll, so he sat on the toilet and then ripped a piece of paper off the roll. He wiped himself and then threw the paper in the potty. Aw how cute....yeah, but then he took the paper out and started wiping the walls with it....and then the floor. That could've gotten messy if he had actually gone in the potty chair.

So our potty routine was set. During bath time he would sit on the potty while I or Ren filled the tub with water. This was a good time because he was already naked and because he had peed on the floor twice before while waiting for us to fill his bath, so I was hoping to avoid that. Then two Saturdays ago, while I was getting his clothes ready in the other room this happened:

Ren: "good job Christian, pipi in the potty".

Me: "WHAT?". I came back to the bathroom and said "what happened?".

Ren:"he peed in the potty".

Me: "And it didn't go flying everywhere?" (we took the urine guard off).

Ren: "No"

Me: "and he didn't try to stand up mid-stream?"

Ren: "No"

Me: "and he didn't wipe the walls with the toilet paper?"

Ren: "No. I just told him 'ok Chris time to do pipi' and then he did it"

How do you like that?...I'm the one getting him ready for the potty and I end up missing the first performance.

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