Friday, November 30, 2007


Sunday evening R, CMan and I went to Santa's Enchanted Forest. Chris seems to be obsessed with lights, so I figured that he would love the Christmas theme park with a jillion lights...and for once...I was right.

They had some real ponies that he wanted to ride... up until the point that I sat him on the pony that is. Whenever we got to a kiddie ride, I would ask him "do you want to go on that one?" , if he said no we would skip it, but if he didn't say anything we would ride it (he never says yes). Well, at one point we walked up to this ride where they strap you into this bungee ball thing and you go flying in the air between two poles. I asked Christian in a joking fashion, "do you want to go on that one?" and he goes "Nooo!" (hee hee).

He wasn't too fond of the carousel and was holding me by the neck the whole time. I had to go up and down when the horsey did, so my thighs got quite a work out on that ride (burn off that arepa girl!). Then we went on a little Santa train. He really liked that one since it had a little steering wheel and buttons for him to play with (although in the picture it looks like I'm enjoying it alot more than he is). He managed to rip the seat belt off of it's hook mid ride, so I had to hold on to him to make sure he didn't jump out. Finally, we got on the bee ride and I'm quite impressed that he didn't get scared. It's the fist time he's been on such a sophisticated ride (it's like the Dumbo ride at Disney), I thought for sure he'd freak out.

After the rides we just walked around and played carnival games. We played the one where you throw rings on to bottles and the one where you throw balls in to bowls, Chris was better at them than we were. The picture with Santa was a no-go once again, I didn't even bother actually. We just stood at a distance waving to him. A fun time was had by all. We got the season pass, so we're going to try and go again a couple more times before we leave to El Sal.


By the way, thanks for the tips on tree revival. I tried to cut another piece off the end with my mom's saw, but it was too difficult; I only managed to dent it all the way around. I will have to take it back to the place I bought it (Home Depot) and have them do it. I will try the hot water trick after that. On the other hand, I may just get a new tree altogether because it's already starting to brown at the bottom and I don't want it catching on fire. Yes, these things only seem to happen to me.

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