Friday, January 04, 2008

Greetings from El Salvador

I've been here for 8 days now and I've been nasty sick with a cold for three of those days. I have no morning sickness though (6 weeks, 2 days), so ever the pessimist, I naturally assume the worst (I need to stop hanging out in those TTC/pregnancy forums). I will update on my adventures thusfar at another time, but for now it's time to make resolutions. Ok, but before making new resolutions, let's see how I did with last year's:

CLAUDIA'S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2007 (in no particular order):
1. Fit into my clothes (check, somewhat)
2. Get more exercise into my daily life (at least 3 times a week) (check, somewhat)
3. Organize my bed/scrap/playroom/office...ok, the whole freaking house (I had a yard sale and donated everything that didn't sell. I organized the playroom, so check, kind of)
4. Get somewhat caught up on my scrapping (I'm a year behind)...NO CHECK
5. Give Christian a sibling (almost check...technically)
6. Convince Ren that it's time for child #2 (check)
7. Eat out less/eat less junk food (by less I mean not every freaking day)...(check, somewhat)
8. Drink more water and less soda (check...yay)
9. Take a cooking class (ha ha, no check)
10. Save money by not spending it on useless crap (no check)

7 out of 10, nor bad.

CHRISTIAN'S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2007 (in no particular order)
Get molars (check)
Use a spoon (check)
Don't scream during bathtime (almost had a check, but now he's doing it again)
Climb (check)
Run (check)
Talk (somewhat check)
Stop putting everything in my mouth (check)
Stop throwing things (NO CHECK)
Reduce my violent tendencies (smacking, scratching, hitting, biting)...(check)
Learn my numbers (somewhat check)

8 out of 10, once again, I was beat by a toddler.

Ok so how about this year's resolutions...

1. Stop wasting money on crap
2. Put more money in savings
3. Don't gain 42 pounds like I did when I was prego with Christian
4. Force Encourage Christian to learn to play by himself
5. Organize my house
6. Definitely need to catch up on my scrapping now

For some reason I can't think of that many resolutions right now...maybe it's cause I feel like crap.

1. Eat my food
2. Learn to play by myself
3. Stop screaming at bathtime
4. Gain weight
5. Grow 2 inches so I can ride the rides at the fair
6. Stop kicking mom in the stomach (my mom seems to think this is very important)
7. Learn my colors
8. Learn to use a regular cup without spilling it all over myself

That's all folks. Update coming up when I feel better.

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