Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Little, Two Little, Three...

Thank you for all the good wishes in my previous posts; all is going well so far (cross fingers).

This particular post is over a month late, but it's taken me that long to gather up all the required pictures. I had to go into my parents vault of old and embarassing pictures to aquire these beauties so read on and enjoy.

In El Salvador December 12th is celebrated as "Fiesta de los Indios" (literal translation = party of the Indians or Celebration of the Indians). On this day Our Lady of Guadalupe , the patron saint of Latin America, is venerated to commemorate the account of her appearances to Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City from December 9 through December 12, 1531. Even though this event took place in Mexico and has nothing to do with El Salvador, it seems that Salvadoreans like to party and will gladly borrow another country's holiday to do just that.

Juan Diego was an indigenous Mexican, so on this day, children in El Salvador dress up in indigenous costumes and walk with the Virgin of Guadalupe in a procession.

Salvadoreans apparently also like to dress up (see people, I'm not's in my roots). Here I am in my Indian outfit holding some mangos.

Not wanting to waste a precious dress-up opportunity, I asked my aunt to send me a little Indian outfit for Cman to wear on December 12th.

Behold the indigenous cuteness:

The only thing missing was the painted on mustache.

Here are some pictures of me and my cousin Camilo (circa 1980?) in El Salvador wearing our little Indian outfits:

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