Friday, February 29, 2008

Driving Miss Claudia

Ah...carpooling with Claudia...always an adventure.

I carpool with a lady from my office every day. It's nice to have someone to talk to (and dance the YMCA with) on the long drive to and from work every day. Sometimes we wear hats, sometimes we dance to the Thriller song, sometimes we just laugh at the guy next to us picking his nose (not because he's picking his nose, but because, hello, if you're gonna do that, get tinted windows buddy). There are some pretty strange people (and cars) out there. Fortunately, I have my camera in my purse, so I will share a couple of tidbits I've managed to capture.

Exhibit #1: Driving home I see a car that is falling apart...literally. The bumper is tied on with string. The license plate is half on-half off. My favorite thing here is the bumper sticker though: "Honk if parts fall off"... Ha ha...I was actually surprised that it said that. I mean, I had seen the sticker on other cars before, but not on cars where parts might actually fall off! I'm sorry for the bad picture quality, but it's hard to take pictures and drive at the same time. I didn't really want to add to the damage on this car.

Exhibit #2: Driving to work I see this....I'm all about hanging cute stuff from your rear view mirror, but there should be a size limit to the things that you put up there. This lady had a stuffed dog hanging from her rear view mirror. The thing was so huge though that it looked like a real puppy hanging from it's neck. Very morbid and very distracting... "Oh my God that woman has a dead chihuahua hanging from her mirror"! Yes, that was my first thought when I saw it.

Fast forward about 3 weeks and we get Exhibit #3: We're driving home this time and I notice a car that has a large picture of a dog taped to the back window. This leads to a full on discussion between J (my carpool person) and I about why someone would do that. Perhaps it's a lost dog (but then wouldn't you write "lost dog" on it somewhere? and wouldn't you just post it in your neighborhood? unless it jumped out of her car on the commute to work so it could be anywhere?), perhaps she just really really loves her dog, or perhaps her little dog died (which would be quite sad). I was so enthralled with the picture in the back of the car that I didn't quite notice the front. Look familiar? Yes folks same driver, different angle. It's the hanging dog lady...I don't know if she's following us or what, but her scary dead chihuahua has got to go. Ha ha...I can't believe we saw the same lady again...and that she's got another lovely tidbit on her car that I didn't notice the first time (but you can kind of see it in the first picture). What a nut!

Come to think about it, she must think we're the crazy ones for taking pictures of her while driving.

Seeing as I had so many protests on Tuesday's post...Happy birthday again Jenny! Have fun at Disneyland tomorrow!

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Anonymous becoming-mom said...

LOL, people are NUTS!

I don't think you are crazy for trying to take pictures while driving. I do it all the time, but they never come out ;)

10:17 AM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Ha ha...thanks for stopping by Ari! You lived in SoFL for a little while, so you have an idea of what kind of crazy people I see on a daily basis.

11:01 AM  

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