Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy dreams and unfriendly pigs

Here I am, five days later, still sniffling away. What is going on people? This is the longest cold I've ever had. Ugh! Another thing about this prego thing that I didn't get last time that I'm getting this time are these crazy dreams. Oh my god, every freaking night! I don't know if I have always had them and I just don't remember them, but now I have one every night and I remember it every morning. Take last night for example, I dreamt Obama showed up at my parents house to try to convince my dad to stop smoking (um...he doesn't smoke). Huh? The night before I dreamt I was on the Bachelor and the stupid guy kept forgetting my name, so finally I just clipped my name tag on to his tie...that oughta do the trick. Crazy stuff. I keep saying I should write them down, but I'm just too lazy.

So after last Friday's surgery scare, Christian was feeling fine by the next day. On Sunday we had a play date with Tere and Amanda's boys at Pinecrest Gardens. It was quite fun and quite hot. The kids spent some time running around in the playground then we headed over to the petting zoo. They had goats and pot-bellied pigs, one of which was quite antisocial and made grunting noises whenever we got near it. Christian had a great time feeding them and petting them on the butt as usual. After that the boys discovered that the drinking fountain was a bit off the mark when you pressed the button, so they made their own splash and play area to cool down.

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Anonymous becoming-mom said...

UGH, pregnancy + being sick = misery.

The week long cold I had at about 14 weeks felt ENDLESS. I never lusted after anything so much as I did for decongestants that I couldn't take!

Feel better soon..

12:46 PM  

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