Monday, March 31, 2008


I was going to tell you all about how we went to the Fair on Thursday and show you wonderful pictures of the petting zoo and CMan riding all the kiddie rides, but I'm a dork and I forgot my camera, so that post will have to wait a little bit longer. Instead, I will tell you about the potty-ing phenomenon that my son has become (oh great, she's talking about bodily functions again).

When we last left off, he was going to the potty once a day right before bed time and it had become a part of his routine. The daycare lady started letting him go diaper-less last week, so I decided that I would try and do the same. WOW...that's all I have to say. On Friday he had one accident (#1), but I guess that really grossed him out because from then on he told me when he had to go potty. A couple of times he sat and didn't go (and then wanted a sticker...oh he's a slick one).

Then on Saturday, he alternated between underwear and diapers (I didn't have any pull-ups or anything because this really caught me off guard; I didn't think he would actually tell me when he had to go) and he used the potty a couple of times in the day. On Sunday he wore underwear the whole day (except during nap time). In the morning he went to swim class (yes, he's started going next time) and he asked to use the potty...and he did. After that we went to Chilli's for lunch where the same happened. Then we very nervously (wearing underwear in the car seat for a prolonged period!) we went to the Falls shopping mall where he also used the potty. He had one accident at home (outside thankfully) because he was too preoccupied with playing to care about telling us and the rest of the day was accident free. He went potty like 7 times that day alone!

Another thing I've noticed is that lately he doesn't want any help with anything. He wants to do everything by himself. He wants to get in the car by himself, out of the car by himself, off the bed by himself, put his shoes on by himself, pull his pants on/off by himself. You get the point. He has become Mr. Independent and God forbid if you should do something for him. He has a fit and makes you do it again (for ex. if he wants to get out of the car by himself and you help him, then he gets back in the car so that he can get out by funny). This morning he wanted to use the big toilet and not his potty. What is this? Did he outgrow the little potty already? Ha ha. Mr. Grown up is too mature for the little potty. Oh boy.

I am really amazed at how quickly he progressed from not saying anything ever to saying it almost every single time and in public places too! Wowserz Penny! I guess now I have to become infinitely knowledgeable about where all bathrooms are at all times. Joy.

Oh, I also have to go buy more underwear. We only have one pack because as I said...I wasn't expecting it to be so quick. I hope I'm not jinxing it now.

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Blogger AmandaDufau said...

That's great!

Don't forget to buy pull-ups, just in case. you might want to try Huggies Good Nites, they are more absorbent, perfect for nighttime protection. And no, this is not a sponsored comment, just my own $0.02. ;-)

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