Monday, April 20, 2009

G.I. Jordan

Jordan is 8 months old today!

To celebrate we took him to the G.I. doctor due to several ongoing concerns of mine:

1. Does not like baby food one bit. On a good day, he eats 3 spoonfuls. On a bad day, he screams when he sees it.
2. Green poop (he does not eat any green food).
3. Not sleeping through the night.
4. Heart shaped tongue (tongue-tied?).

The verdict?

1. He weighed in at 18+ lbs. and measured 27.5 inches (37% and 50%) so he's not starving. The doc says we need to give him baby food and if he doesn't want it, try again in half an hour and keep doing that until it's time for his next feeding. In other words, don't be so quick to give him the bottle if he refuses the food because he is manipulating us. If I say no to food, they give me bottle/boob. He said he should be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner (a whole jar of the big baby food...HA!) and milk bottles of 6-8 oz (with cereal) (18 oz a day is fine) and eating every 4 or 5 hours.
2. Green poop is OK sometimes. Will do poop culture to make sure there isn't any bad stuff in it.

3. Need to cut out the boob...and do a cry it out...and not put him in our bed (easier said than done buddy). If he has his bottle with cereal at 11pm, he should be fine until 6am. Any crying before that is due to bad habit and not hunger.

4. Tongue is prob not the reason he won't eat. Will do an upper G.I. to make sure the rest of his swallowing/eating anatomy is OK.

Fun times ahead huh?

In other news, his two bottom teeth are showing really well now, so I was able to photograph them. They came out approx 2 or 3 weeks ago. Check it out!

Oy, I forgot the Easter photos! Next time, oh and I also have to remember to tell you about Christian's swimming class fiasco. Let's just say it's very similar to the first time I took him to swim class.

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