Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mama's been busy

I've been busy buying new toys and going broke (because of said toys). This is also the busy season at work, so you'll have to pardon my lack of bloggage. I have to admit that Facebook and Twitter are stealing me away from Blogger. It's so much easier to type a couple of sentences to let my peeps know what's going on, than having to sit down and actually put a cohesive paragraph (or two) together.

Worry not though, I shall continue with the blogging. I need it to track Jordan's milestones so that I don't forget when it comes time to write it in the baby book (his two bottom teeth came out last week!...first the left and then the right). I'll have to try and get a picture of them, but it's really hard because he sticks his tongue out when you pull his lip down to see them.

So, milestones, yes, let's get to those with the aid of my trusty new toy (Nikon D40). And what a wonderful new toy it is. All I do is press a little button and gorgeous pictures spew forth. Who knew it would be so easy?

Check out some pictures from our recent trip to the fair...ah the elephant ears, cinnamon rolls, cotton candy, ice cream, sausages...oh, I got a little carried away there (yes, the 20/20 plan is still going strong by the way). It was Jordan's first trip and he was none the wiser. Christian on the other hand went twice this year. The first time with Sophie and the second time with R, JJ and I. He had a great time because this year he was tall enough to ride most of the kiddie rides and was in no way scared (hey look, he grew 4 inches since last year and 6 inches since the year before that!). He loved the roller coaster and all the rides that go up and down and round and round (nauseating).

For the first time ever, he asked to have his face painted, but it proved to be a bad decision because he started rubbing his eyes and getting paint everywhere. He wanted it washed off before we even left the fair! R was pissed at what a waste of money that was. Consider it a lesson learned, no face paint for 3.5 year olds no matter how cute they look with it on.
Easter pictures coming soon! I promise no bunnies were hurt in the taking of those pictures.

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