Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And to think, it only took 10 months!

Alright peeps, let's play a guessing game. Guess who had a bottle of milk at 8:30 last night, went to sleep in his crib afterwards and slept until 5am without waking up once? Any guesses? No, not Renato. Jordan!...oh and me too...except for the bottle part, I drink my milk from a cup now thank you, oh and the crib part too, I don't fit in there anymore. Ok, that didn't work out like I planned, but the point is that I actually got to sleep a full night's sleep. Well, almost because I didn't go to bed till like 11 because I was waiting for Jordan to get up (he usually wakes up at that time crying to be moved to my bed). I fell asleep waiting because he never woke up! Let's hope he does it again tonight!

When we got back from our California trip, I tried to do a cry it out, but it didn't quite work as well as it did with Christian because Jordan would just scream and cry until he threw up all over himself. When you've just bathed him, it's pretty annoying to have to do so again and change the crib sheets and all that when all you want to do is go to bed, so we gave up on that. What I've been doing now is using the routine that I used to do with Christian (bath, bottle, book, songs, prayer). After that I used to put Chris in his crib somwhat awake and he would fall asleep on his own, but with Jordan, I've had to alter that routine a bit. I put him in his crib and I put the little light show/music toy. I also sit in the rocker next to him and put my hand through the crib rails so he can see that I'm there. This way he goes to sleep by himself, but without all the drama.

On the locomotion front, yesterday I finally saw him crawling like 3 or 4 paces. I think he started doing it on Monday, but my mom argues that it was last week. This is the problem when you work, you miss all these milestones and get the dates wrong in the baby book. Unfortunately, my problem is bigger because I forget to write it in the baby book altogether. Oopsie. I really need to get on top of that, I don't want him to feel like a second child.

He turned 10 months old on Saturday and he's throwing out milestones like a pitcher. He's also pulling up and he likes to stand by holding on to things. He hasn't quite figured out that he can move his feet to adjust his position though, so he comes toppling down sometimes. Pretty soon he'll be cruising all over the place and I'll be wishing that he hadn't learned that because I'll be having to follow him around.

On the 14th of this month, we went to have his 9 month pictures (a little late) taken. I just got them back, so when I get the chance I will post them for all to see. They were taken by Amy from Jady Images and I love how they turned out. Super cute as usual. Then again, I'm biased. Ha ha!

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