Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does whatever a spider can.

I threw a Spiderman party for both boys this past weekend. It just didn't make sense to have two separate parties when their birthdays are only about 6 weeks away. I was praying and hoping for good weather (and no hurricanes or tropical storms) and I got it for the most part.

The kids had a blast in the bounce house and at the playground and who knew the snow cone machine would be such a hit? I did not have Spiderman show up to the party because I learned my lesson from last year's pirate incident (Chris doesn't like characters or being the center of their attention) where the poor guy was trying to play games with the kids and none of them wanted to play. As they say in El Salvador, que cipotes mas bayuncos (silly kids).

We had a pin the tail on the donkey game and we were also going to play hot potato (Spuderman?), but I forgot the music, so the donkey game would have to suffice. The piñata was super nice, but it didn't work how it was supposed to, so we had to disembowel Spiderman in order for him to give up the goods.

After that, the weather got crazy and we got some wind gusts that knocked over the gift well, the treat bags and threatened to take a few of the children. We quickly sang Happy Birthday because we thought it was going to start raining. The candles of course didn't light so it was one of those let's pretend to blow it out moments, but fortunately Chris couldn't care less...and Jordan can't blow out candles, so we were good.

Our cake unfortunately was not good. Oh sure, it tasted good, but 2 hours before the party was due to start, it said "Happy Birthday Anthony" on it. Too bad it was supposed to say "Christian and Jordan" instead. Anyway, the bakery "fixed it" for us so that everyone at the party wouldn't think that I just went and bought a cake from the bargain bin. Oh good a Spiderman cake, I'll take this one hopefully no one will notice that the name is wrong. Regardless of the name being wrong, I think the design was kind of ugly (Look at it, what is it? a fishing net? a lopsided building? a trapeze net? fishnet stockings? a brick wall?), so this one is going straight to Cake Wrecks. The irony of course is that I had been perusing that site just the week before, little did I know that our cake would end up being a candidate.

In the end, despite the wind gusts, the malfunctioning piñata and the crazy cake, I think everyone had a good time. My parties? Never a dull moment that's for sure.

Jordan's actual birthday was on Aug 20th and Chris' birthday is on Sept 27. The celebrations aren't over as we plan on taking the kids to Disney that weekend...yeah, that's it....we're going for the kids. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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