Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon: aka They're too young for you Claudia!

I went to see New Moon last night as part of a special preview event. There was major security which involved purse checking and body wanding so that no phones would be snuck in to spoil the surprise for others. I was half expecting for them to tell me to remove my shoes for a second there.

Once I gathered my drool napkins, nachos and soda (and signed the loan documents in order to be able to purchase said food items) I settled in my seat and was ready for the eye-candy-marathon.

After some immature squeeals and whistling in the audience (mostly from me), the movie began and I was super excited to be able to get a first glimpse of it before anyone else (a thousand thanks to Melanie and her friend Melissa for the hook up). Fortunately it's been a long time since I read the book, so my enjoyment of the movie was not hampered by comparisons between it and the book. I was able to completely concentrate on the bicep...erm story line on the screen.

I still don't like how Bella is played (too much sucking in of breath and funny faces and cross eyed looks) but the special effects with the wolves and their 8 packs...erm...pack more than made up for that. Actually, several of the men look pretty cute. I found myself calling out many team (both existing and made up) names throughout the movie. Team Edward! Team Jacob! Team Carlisle! Team Charlie!

The movie starts out a little slower and then it picks up the pace really fast, so much so that you want it to slow down so it doesn't end.

The Volturi scenes are pretty awesome. I love the costumes and their makeup. They look downright scary.

One of my favorite scenes is when Jacob, Bella and Mike go to the movies, it was so funny and tender and heartbreaking all at once. Sigh. I heart Jacob. He's so cute, I don't see how it's even a difficult choice for her. Dumb girl. Don't get me wrong, Edward is hot and all, but the acting just doesn't convince me that he's oh so in love with her. Jacob totally looks sincere.

Anyway, that's my take on the movie. No spoilers, then again if you already read the book, there's nothing to spoil, but I'll say this, the last scene in the movie definitely leaves you wanting more!

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