Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walkie Talkie

Jordan's latest nickname around the house is walkie-talkie.

This is because in the past two days all he does is try and walk. It's super cute because it's like he finally realized that he can do it. It's pretty neat because from what I remember with Christian, he learned to walk first and then later, he learned how to stand up (without holding on to anything). So whenever he was going to walk he would crawl over to the couch (or whatever else he was going to use to help him stand up), pull himself up and then walk.

Jordan on the other hand, learned how to stand up at the same time (or probably before) he learned how to walk (he would practice doing it on the bed all the time and the bed is super wobbly, so when he finally did it on the floor, it was easy). So he'll be crawling and then stop, stand up slowly (looks like a surfer trying to gain balance) and then when he's got the balance, he takes a couple of steps. He's very cautious not to take too many so that he doesn't face plant, only about 4 or 5 (the most I've counted is 9 although R says that yesterday he walked from the TV to the couch (about 7 or 8 feet). Yesterday I got it on video because he just wouldn't stop doing it over and over again. It was cute to see how proud of himself he was every time he did it too.

As far as the talkie part goes, he's been copying alot of words that we say lately, so I've heard him say several things:

jeh-che = leche (milk)

coco = head

dato = gato (cat) or pato (duck)

wow-wow= dog He can say this, but he thinks our dogs are cats so he says "dato" to them all day long.

kee-tian = christian

Bah-bah= Spongebob (he sings to the song too...whenever the show comes on...OOOOOOH who lives in a pineapple under the sea?...Jordan says BAH BAH BAH BAH!"...too funny).
tato= zapato (shoe)

He likes to clap now and he holds a finger up to tell you that he's one. He puts his hand over his mouth to do the indian sound, but makes no He also does the little tricks that his brother used to do (put his hands on his head, pokes his hand). He also likes to grab markers (or pencils or crayons or whathaveyou) and pretend to write (or actually write if the cap is off). It's so funny because sometimes he puts his face really close to the paper as if he's really concentrating and he holds the pen/pencil correctly too which looks pretty funny because you wouldn't expect a 14 month old to do that.

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