Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disney Part 2

Oooh, look at that, I never wrote part 2! I've been such a space cadet lately (lately?). OK here goes... Since we stayed at the movies resort at Disney, before we headed out to the parks we took a stroll through the grounds because I really wanted the boys to see the Toy Story section of the hotel since they (mostly Jordan) are currently obsessed with those movies. When Jordan laid eyes on the giant Buzz he held his Buzz doll up, looked at me, then looked at the giant Buzz, then looked at me again. It was adorable to watch. After our stroll we headed to Disney Studios. I didn't used to like that park before because I felt there wasn't enough to do there. This was of course, before I had kids. Now that we go mostly for the boys (at least that's what I tell myself), the park is all of a sudden more interesting. In fact, both times that we've gone recently, we haven't been able to do everything. I've yet to go on the Toy Story ride for example. There is always a crazy long line and I've tried with the fast pass and both times it's been too late (we've had to leave the park early both times because we were driving back that day). The skies were a little grey, but thankfully the weather was better than the day before. First we went on the backlot tour (since we missed that last time) and saw some pretty cool scenes and props. Christian loved the hall with all the costumes. He requested that I take his picture with a few key characters. I'm thinking he likes the villains. Wherever does he get this from? Next we went on the Great Movie Ride. Chris loves the part where the wicked witch comes out (see what I mean?) in the Wizard of Oz scene. After our ride, we stopped to eat lunch at the Sci-Fi diner. I really love this place because I'm such a sucker for gimmicky places. I had eaten there once before and I knew the boys would love it. They make it look like an drive-in movie lot. You sit and eat in a "car" while watching clips of old movies. So cute! After lunch we headed over to the Hollywood Tower of Terror (can you tell I like photographing trees?). Chris said he wanted to ride it (he liked it the last time he rode it). Unfortunately because he had just eaten, he didn't enjoy it as much this time. Oopsy. Fortunately the boy has a good stomach so there were no unfortunate incidents. We then headed over to the I shrunk the kids playground, but we took a detour because I wanted to show Chris the Star Wars ride set. Good thing we did because hidden in a little corner I found this guy. At first Chris was excited to take a picture with him (after all he took a picture with the costume), but then not so much when he realized that Darth isn't as friendly as Goofy. Side note: OMG chewie back pack! $, no thanks. The kids loved the playground. I was wishing they were old enough to run around by themselves since Jordan kept ducking into holes where I could not fit. I kept freaking out because I never knew where those little caves led. Fortunately, they were OK and were not eaten by a giant insect. Ren however, found his long lost love. Since we had to drive back that day, we had to leave early, so we only had time to catch the parade right before heading out. It was a Pixar parade, so all our favorite characters came out to sing and dance and wave hello. Yes, even the Toy Story Gang! After that, we grabbed some cotton candy and boarded a bus back to the hotel. What a fun trip! Can't wait to do it again this week!

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