Monday, July 03, 2006

I have insurance!

In the famous words of my friend Marilu, "I have insurance". Ren and I got some life insurance last week. Yay! They came to draw our blood and ask us questions. We also had to pee into a cup the size of a thimble and then pour it into a test tube the size of a needle. Yeah, that was fun.

Speaking of fun, Christian has been having lots of fun these past few weeks. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to update. I've got lots of pictures to share, so let me get right on it.

The little man has been thoroughly enjoying his first summer thusfar. At grandma's house, things are going well with the nanny (so far), she puts him on the swing and in the hammock. She also has him do all sorts of activities like listening to music and playing with clay. Unfortunately, I hadn't cut his nails, so the clay was wedged in underneath them and he had green little finger tips the day before his 9 month session with the photographer. Great. I managed to get most of it out though. Note to self: No clay before his nails have been cut. We did the photo session outside this time, at 7:30 in the morning. We were hoping to avoid the sun, humidity and mosquitos, but in Florida, that's kind of impossible. I hope the beads of sweat running down our faces don't come out in the pictures!

Christian also spent some time with his friend Sophie, they played with their instruments and had lots of fun; I think they want to start a band now.

Our agenda has been quite full because we also went to my friend Ellie's wedding. They looked really happy and she looked very beautiful that day. Congratulations to the happy couple! This was Christian's first formal function and he behaved very well and didn't make a peep throughout the whole ceremony. Unfortunately, he fell asleep during the reception so we had to leave early. Note to self: Christian stays with grandma next time.

Wow, so many activities and I'm not even on this past week yet. This is what happens when I neglect my blogging duties. Bad Claudia. Anyway, let me continue. Christian went to the pool with his mommy and daddy last week. He sat in the boat a little bit longer than last time, but he kept trying to dive into the pool this time.

My little man has been more vocal than usual these days. He loves to babble all the time now. Before, he used to say dadadada, but now his babble of choice has changed to mamama (especially when he wants to be picked up). He sure knows how to tug at those heart strings. He loves to be standing up all the time now. If I'm carrying him in a chair/sofa, he will wiggle himself down to the floor on to his feet and turn around as if he is going to just walk away. Someone needs to tell him that he can't walk yet because he apparently doesn't know that. Ren says that he walked into the room one day (Ren, not Christian) and found Chris standing in his crib. I have yet to see him do that again (figures). I've only seen him getting up on his knees to play peek-a-boo and to bite the crib rail.

Last, but not least, here he is showing off the t-shirt that mommy bought him in NY....sigh....I heart Christian.


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