Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yes, it was a looooong weekend

Please, no more long weekends. No, really, I'd rather be at work.

Yes, it was that bad. R had to work on Saturday AND Sunday, so I was roughing it all by myself for most of the weekend (my hat goes off to single mothers). Cman is still sick, which means he is also crabby and cries for everything and God help you if you can't figure out what he wants the instant that he wants it. He refuses to eat any more than 5 or 6 bites of anything (his new word is "done"). I used to think his eating was bad, but now it's worse. I really hope that it's just because he's sick and not because this is a new trend. He turns his face around so that we can't put the food in his mouth. And forget about the "just put it on his tray and he'll feed himself" line because we have...and he won't. He will throw it or completely ignore it. I really lost it yesterday and just broke down and started crying. Thank God R was there to save me and talk me down from my ledge because the frustration of a small, fragile child that won't eat was just way too much to deal with yesterday. He is falling of the charts people. I think he's at 3% in weight or some ridiculous number like that. You can see his ribs and he looks like one of those malnourished children with the large bellies. He's got an appointment with a gastro doctor on Thursday. Perhpas it's something in his gut that's wrong. I don't know (maybe heartburn?). If he were overweight or something, then yes, fine, don't eat. But no, he is very thin, so he can't afford to not eat.
Anyway, I had to get that off my chest because it's driving me crazy. The whole weekend wasn't horrible though, we actually had some fun on Saturday at Tatiana's 6th birthday party. They had a bounce-house, which he didn't go into for fear of getting smooshed by a gaggle of 6 year olds. He did love the playground though and went down the slide 101 times. He played in the sand and even had a not-so-secret admirer doting on him.

His piƱata skills are getting better with each party. He no longer freaks out by all the kids on the floor. He just calmly picks up the candy (and also the empty wrappers) that are around him and puts them in the bag that I hold for him. "Yes, yes, Christian...that's how you do it...now remember to get the ones that look like chocolate". I would say I have him well trained, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, he's going to actually want to eat that candy some day, so I'll have to have another child devise another plan for when that happens. Unfortunately he doesn't say much yet, otherwise the "trick or treat" training could begin as well (after all it is only five months away).

After some delicious cake and another slip down the slide, I gathered my his candy bag and we called it a day. As we were walking back to the car, his admirer came to see him off and bid him farewell. How cute is that? Quite a ladies man...I'm gonna have to keep him locked up.

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awww...how cute, his first girlfiend!

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