Saturday, December 01, 2007

Premature Thrilleration

It turns out that I posted my Thriller tribute prematurely a couple of days ago (#7). I had NO idea that today was the 25th anniversary of the release of that album. My boss told me that Good Morning America had asked people to send in their best Thriller re-enactments and/or parodies. They played some of the best ones on the air yesterday (crap, I missed it).

The reason I even found the video of my high school pep rally was because R was doing a youtube search of his high school and I decided to do the same with mine to see what would come up. Most of the stuff was from recently graduated classes, so I picked the oldest video I could find and oddly enough, it ended up being a Thriller dance. The fact that I found it was a fluke and the fact that it occurred (and that I blogged about it) just days before the anniversary is just wacky. Ha ha...I love it when things turn out that way.

In the process of doing some youtube research for this here blog post (trying to find the GMA clips), I seem to have stumbled upon a Thriller dance phenomenon. I knew there were other wackos like me that liked to dance to the song, but I never knew that there was a whole movement of sorts if you will.

There are several world records that Thrill the World is trying to break for the most simultaneous Thriller performances and largest Thriller dance (they even provide a series of videos where you can learn the moves to said dance). There's marching band Thriller, toddler Thriller, Legos Thriller and there's even Indian Thriller (my personal favorite so far). I guess you could say that I'm thrilled I found it! (ha ha)

Anyway...because today is the 25th anniversary of the release of the album, I found a website that has alot of fun Thriller parodies to share with you. Click on the link and join me as I head over there to get my Thriller fix. Let me know which one is your favorite.

Here is mine: Indian Thriller with phonetic "translation" of the lyrics. Warning, do not click on this if you are consuming food or might ruin your computer or cause you to choke.... yes it's that funny.


You do realize that now I won't be content until I do MY OWN reenactment of Thriller right? OK. You have been duly warned. I only need 22 more people (I can think of two right now) to qualify to participate in the record-setting event. Anyone care to join me? You've got some time to think about it...let me know. In the meantime, go to youtube and learn the dance!

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