Monday, November 26, 2007

8 secrets/things I haven't blogged about

I was tagged by Elizasmom a little while back, so it's meme time. I guess mine will be more of a eight things I haven't blogged about theme because obviously if I wrote about my secrets...well, then they wouldn't be secrets. This also means I can squish in a bunch of unrelated things that I've been meaning to blog about (but have been too busy to do so) all in one post. Ha ha I'm tricky like that!

OK, so here we go in a completely random order:

1. This year, when we go to El Salvador for the holidays, I will be flying over there with Christian, all by myself. My mom will be heading over on the 24th, and I will be leaving on the 27th (Ren has to stay and work). This terrorizes me to no end. I am fearful about how I am going to handle luggage, stroller, carryons, tickets, security checks, and toddler all at once. I decided to get one of those little child harnesses so that CMan could walk around if he got sick of the stroller. R was totally against it, but unless you've seen the video of the break dancer that kicks a toddler 5 feet in the air, you cannot fully appreciate the need to have your children next to you at all times (especially in crowded places). The speed at which these children can break away from your hand and run off is quite scary. Anyway, so I got one of those cute little monkey backpacks hoping that he would like it and be excited to wear a backpack. No such luck. I can't even get him to put one arm through it, much less buckle the thing up. I have about 31 days left to convince him, so we'll see how this goes. This past weekend, we saw 3 little boys with the monkey back packs on. I made sure to point out all three of them to Cman.

2. We went to Andrew and Rebeka's pirate party at the Children's museum a couple of weeks back. Cman had a great time playing with his friends on the playground, sitting on a bike, dancing with a hula hoop and exploring the museum. Happy Collective Birthday to the Mejia family (they are all in November)! Oh, and I actually got him to wear the pirate hat on more than one occasion!

3. We went to the harvest two weeks ago and I bought myself a cute quilt with a gingerbread man on it and some yummy dip mixes. We went to the historical village and hung out with some Pirates from the Florida Keys (Pop quiz: do you recognize any of those people from somewhere else?). Cman loved the cannon and I had quite a hard time pulling him away from it when it was time to leave.

4. Later that day we went to Gianna's (CMan's niece) first birthday party. Chris had a great time playing with the "boons". They had a cotton candy machine and face painting, but he didn't want anything to do with either of those activities.

5. I don't believe I've showed you the pictures from his last photo session (and his Halloween costume), so let me share now for a bit:

6. Mr. Cman surprised me in the car the other day. He and I usually count things together so that he can learn his numbers. He's never really counted by himself (he always wants me to do it and he repeats), so the other day we were driving around and he started talking in the backseat saying "one"...."one"...."one"...he kept saying it over because he wanted me to repeat, so I said "one" then he said "two" and I said "two" and we kept going like that until he got to number 10. I was quite impressed thinking wow...he can count to to me! Then I hear this from the back seat... "eleden"...and I go "eleven"....and he kept counting until 15. That daycare lady sure is teaching him alot because he and I usually don't count more than 10 things. I decided to say "sixteen" to see if he could go further and he did...all the way to 19. I had to say 20 for him; perhaps that's as high as they've taught him. He also knows all of his letters now. He can point to a letter and tell you what letter it is and/or you can ask him for a certain letter and he will give it to you. He also knows what sound most of the letters make.

7. I found this little tidbit online the other day. This was a pep-rally at my high school. Unfortunately it happened 2 or 3 years after I had already graduated. Needless to say I would've loved to have seen this in person:

8. The holiday shopping has begun! Amanda and I went shopping on black Friday and spent way too much money. I got some presents for Chris (aka the most spoiled boy in the universe...aka TMSBIU) and about 60 DVD's (yes, that is not a typo) for about $3.81 each. I've got quite a collection going...pretty soon, I'll have to start renting them out to people.

It appears that I have run out of numbers and I still have more to share, so I'm off to write my next post!

*UPDATED* OY! I forgot to tag someone! Here you go Amanda, I know you had some stuff you needed to blog about. Ha ha.

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Anonymous elizasmom said...

Ya know, your son is too cute for words in those photos. Like, model-cute. And I love the Thriller re-enactment!

3:19 PM  
Blogger AmandaDufau said...

Great, thanks! I always need additional blog fodder! ;-)

8:23 AM  

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