Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr. No meets Mr. Hankey

Christian has been in this lovely defiant mood these past days (weeks?, months?). Christian, are you pooping?...NO!...Christian...let's change you're diaper....NO! CLEAN DIAPER!...

Everything is NO, so the potty training attempts aren't going well. The daycare provider tried to start potty training him a couple of weeks ago and gave up. She said, perhaps I'll try again in a couple of months when he isn't in such a combative state.

We've got 2 potties in my house, one upstairs and one downstairs (so I wouldn't have to run up or down stairs in case he actually wanted to go potty). They are both used as chairs, footstools, toy storage and for playing on...and that's it. I haven't really pushed the potty issue much (at least I don't think I have). If I see him straining I ask him if he wants to use the potty and he says NO and I let it go. Whenever he sees me go to the bathroom he sits on the potty too, but never does anything, he just likes doing what I'm doing. Before bath time he sits on the potty (if and when he wants to...we don't tell him to sit on the potty) while we run the bathwater, but once again, he never does anything (except for that one time he peed), he just sits there and plays. It's not looking like this child is going to be potty trained anytime soon. I was hoping he would be before LW (little wiggly) came along, but I don't see it happening. I see myself changing two sets of diapers.

Then something happened yesterday that showed me just how in control and calculating toddlers can be. I took CMan to the bathroom to get ready for bath time. He was wearing his shirt and diapers. While I was in his bedroom setting up the towel and pjs etc, he was in the bathroom and I could hear him taking off his diaper. I came back into the bathroom and thanked him for helping me (taking off his diaper by himself). He took it off and said "peepee" so I said "OK baby, sit on the potty while mommy gets your bath ready" knowing full well that he was only going to sit on it and not do anything in it.

I continued to run the bath water. When I turned back and saw that he had actually done (or was about to do) #1 (about 3 drops, but hey that's a start) and that he was also straining. I said "did you pee in the potty? you want to do poo-poo too?" and he said "NO!" so I left him alone and kept filling the tub. When I turned back again he was still sitting and as happy as a clam. I got up to check out the pee and noticed that he had actually pooped too (despite the strained face, I didn't think he would actually poop in the potty)!

Oh my god his first potty poop! I was so happy and congratulated him on his accomplishment. He then held his diaper up and said "clean diaper!" cute. What wasn't cute was when he wanted to touch the poop. I quickly decided it was time to say bye bye to Mr. Hankey and flush him down the toilet. Bye bye poo-poo!

I had some special stickers that came with the potty that I was going to give to him, but unfortunately we put them away (since I swore we wouldn't need them for many many months to come) and now I couldn't find them. How anti-climactic is that? Poor baby. So I found another way to make a big deal over it. We called daddy at work and gave him the news and then we called grandma too. Christian said "Hurray!" on the phone when he told his daddy. Hurray indeed my little boy.

That's a start...right? I mean, it just comes to show me that he CAN do it, he just doesn't WANT to....and to think I didn't even have anything to do with it (no coaxing involved); he did it all by himself (or maybe it was just another fluke...only time will tell).

And yes, that was a picture of him and his little friend up there (it's censored though). Hey if Jon and Kate can do can I.

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